How To Issue An Order For The Chief Accountant

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How To Issue An Order For The Chief Accountant
How To Issue An Order For The Chief Accountant

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The chief accountant is an employee, like everyone else. However, at the same time, he is one of the key figures in the enterprise. In addition, according to the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to observe a certain number of rules related to its design, which are contained in the Federal Law “On Accounting”.

How to issue an order for the chief accountant
How to issue an order for the chief accountant

It is necessary

  • - computer;
  • - Printer.


Step 1

Print the order cap. In it, you must indicate the form of the document, by whom it was approved and the date that will reflect when this statement entered into force.

Step 2

Indicate the full name of the enterprise and its organizational legal form (LLC, CJSC or OJSC). On the right in the same line, make a small table for entering all the required organization codes. Then fill it out. In this case, the following codes must be indicated: forms according to OKUD and OKPO.

Step 3

Print in the middle of the sheet, departing slightly from the above information: "Order (order)". Next, next to it, mark the reason for the formation of this order. For example: "On hiring an employee." This basis of the order is also suitable if you decide to hire a person in the position of chief accountant.

Step 4

Write below: "Hire." In turn, on the right side of the same line, indicate the date from which day, month and year the company can hire this employee. Next, write the full name of the future chief accountant of your company and assign him his own personnel number.

Step 5

Mark the structural unit in which the chief accountant will work. Indicate below his position (specialty, profession). That is, write like this: "For the position of chief accountant."

Step 6

Describe the conditions for hiring the employee. Here you can write as follows: “After completing advanced training courses” (if, of course, this is provided). Next, describe the nature of the chief accountant's work, what responsibilities he will have to perform. Below you can mark information about the salary of the future employee. For example: "With a tariff rate (salary)" and next to it, simply indicate the amount of this salary. At your discretion, you can enter information about allowances.

Step 7

Please note how the trial period is carried out. If you accept an employee without a probationary period, then also indicate this in the order.

Step 8

Write down what is the basis for the order. For example, it could be an employment contract. In this case, write the name of the document and indicate its number.

Step 9

Put all the necessary signatures (of the manager and the employee himself). In this case, the employee must sign in the field: "I have read the order" and put the date.

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