How To Take Cases From The Chief Accountant

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How To Take Cases From The Chief Accountant
How To Take Cases From The Chief Accountant

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In some organizations, there are times when the chief accountant leaves for any reason. Then the manager hires a new one. Naturally, before starting work, a new employee must accept the documents. The order of this procedure is not fixed anywhere, but, nevertheless, care must be taken. How can you accept the documentation without harming yourself?

How to take cases from the chief accountant
How to take cases from the chief accountant


Step 1

First you need to get information about who will hand over the documents. There are cases when the chief accountant is no longer at the workplace, then everything will have to be taken from the head or the deputy chief accountant. In the absence of a previously working employee, you have the right not to sign the acceptance certificate. It is composed in any form.

Step 2

After that, the head of the enterprise must issue an order for the appointment of a new chief accountant. The order should also specify from what time you will take up the duties of the chief accountant, for example, you will have the right to sign, etc.

Step 3

You also need to familiarize yourself with the data in the computer, compare some of them with paper carriers, for example, with a sales book. After that, clarify what data you should enter.

Step 4

Sometimes it happens that there is some data in the computer base, but completely different on paper. The balance is completely compiled from the "ceiling". In this case, all this must be discussed with the manager, because the restoration of the base is a very laborious and expensive process. Would your boss agree to pay you a bonus for this? In any case, it is necessary to warn about possible problems with the tax authorities, otherwise all the "bigwigs" can fly at you.

Step 5

An excellent solution would be if, before the chief accountant quit, an audit passed, but, as a rule, managers are in no hurry to carry out it.

Step 6

The document that is used in the transfer of cases is the act of acceptance and transfer. It records all the names of documents, the number of folders, registers, magazines, the state of the database in the computer and others.

Step 7

If the campaign is large and has a whole staff of accountants, it is inappropriate to transfer absolutely all documents, for example, if there is an accountant who deals only with salaries, then it is not worth transferring payment documentation.

Step 8

The duties of the chief accountant are to keep management, tax and accounting records, to submit reports. From this it follows that it is necessary to transfer only those documents that are the responsibility of the chief accountant. Of course, you can familiarize yourself with other documents, so to speak, for your own peace of mind.

Step 9

You should also be sure to familiarize yourself with the maintenance of the monetary base, that is, check the data, make sure it is available and see the state of the checkbook, current account. In addition to accountants, the cashier must sign the act of receiving and transmitting documents on monetary transactions.

Step 10

All documents for the last 5 years must be accepted. In the event that the organization has not carried out an on-site check for 3 years, you need to extremely carefully check the documents for this period. If errors are found, correct them, if necessary, submit updated declarations. But do all this by notifying the head of the organization about the situation.

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