How To File A Complaint Against A Ruling

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How To File A Complaint Against A Ruling
How To File A Complaint Against A Ruling

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Life situations are so unpredictable, so knowing your rights is never superfluous. You may have already had situations where you became the object of wrong decisions. In order to restore justice in such circumstances, there is a legal instrument - a complaint against the actions of officials, authorities or the court.

How to file a complaint against a ruling
How to file a complaint against a ruling


Step 1

Submit a complaint against the ruling to the court, to the authority, to the person who determined the ruling. These persons must send it to the instance within three days from the date of filing the complaint.

Step 2

Submit your complaint directly to the court, authority or person who has the right to consider it. These methods differ only in the scope of the subjects submitting complaints for consideration. In the first case, the complaint is delivered to the higher authorities by the authorities that issued the order, and in the second case - by the person against whom the order was issued, or his representative, or other interested people.

Step 3

Before filing a complaint, gather the documents that you think will influence the decision. Write a complaint and pay the state fee.

Step 4

File your complaint with the court in writing. Sign it yourself or authorize another person to do so by drafting the appropriate documents. In the complaint, indicate: the name of the court where the complaint is submitted; a person's own data; the name of the court that made the contested decision; your claims on the complaint; list of documents. In addition, indicate phone numbers, mail addresses and other information, as well as the declared petitions.

Step 5

Be sure to send clear copies of the complaint and documents to the rest of the persons taking part in the proceedings. Also attach to the complaint: a copy of the decision; documents confirming the payment of the state duty (original); documents that confirm the direction to other people involved in the case, copies of complaints and documents; a power of attorney that confirms the right to sign. The decision to accept an application for production occurs within 5 full days from the date of its registration. The court makes a ruling on the acceptance of the complaint, it indicates the time and place of the meeting to consider the complaint.

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