How To Discharge A Sister

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How To Discharge A Sister
How To Discharge A Sister
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Unfortunately, in the modern world, very unpleasant events are increasingly occurring that force us to take extreme measures, for example, to discharge a sister from an apartment or house. Perhaps this desire does not have such a vivid negative emotional connotation, but nevertheless, it is necessary to do it. But is it that simple? It is worth considering.

How to discharge a sister
How to discharge a sister


Step 1

It is necessary to file a statement of claim in court. Do not forget about the competent drawing up of the application, because despite the fact that the application is drawn up in a rather arbitrary form, it must be drawn up in accordance with certain rules.

Step 2

You need to find reasons that are not mandatory for presentation in court, but can significantly help you solve this burning problem. If a sister lives in a dwelling from which you want to discharge her and, for example, uses it for other purposes, with horrendous persistence violates the rights and legitimate interests of people living in the neighborhood, uses this room without due responsibility, allowing its destruction, then in this case the landlord must warn the tenant and his family members about the need to stop the violations.

Step 3

Directly in court, you will need to prove that a relative has another living quarters in personal ownership (which can be confirmed by an extract from the USRR). The fact that the sister left for this room (the testimony of the neighbors can be used for this), the constant nature of the sister's departure (that is, the fact that the person did not leave temporarily, the testimony of the neighbors may also be required here), failure to fulfill the obligation to pay for the apartment, and utilities (you need to submit receipts for payment, which are issued on behalf of the mother or other family members who live with her) can be a good help. The circumstances listed in step 2 also play an important role.

Step 4

In addition, in court, you should think not only about the evidence, but also about your self-presentation. You need to be confident. But try to restrain emotions in order to create the impression of a serious and reasonable person, able to clearly and clearly state their thoughts and present the collected evidence.

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