How To Write A Professional Resume

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How To Write A Professional Resume
How To Write A Professional Resume

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Getting a new position depends on the resume. From the very first lines, the employer should be tempted to hire you. Therefore, it should include the most important information about you and your abilities.

How to write a professional resume
How to write a professional resume

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Step 1

Write your full name in the center of the sheet The last name, first name, patronymic can be printed in a font larger than the rest of the text.

Step 2

Enter your personal informationThis block can be written on the right side of the sheet. This includes the date of birth, address of residence, telephone, e-mail.

Step 3

Describe the purpose of the resume The purpose includes the title of the position in the company where you are sending your professional resume. Write one post in the goal. If you are applying for multiple positions in a particular company, it is best to write a resume for each of them.

Step 4

Make up the item "Education" Opposite the word "Education" write higher / secondary vocational. Then write in chronological order in reverse order the year of admission-year of graduation from the educational institution, its name, institute / faculty, the name of the specialty.

Step 5

List professional courses in the section "Further education" Indicate those that may be useful in the job of the position you want to get. They are also written in chronological order in reverse order.

Step 6

Make a "Work Experience" item Start from your last job, informing about the position, name of the organization and the main functions. If you have a wealth of work experience, which is enough to fill 2 pages, then include in your professional resume only the most significant jobs or the last 4.

Step 7

Indicate additional information that will be useful in the organization where you want to write a resume You can list the knowledge of computer programs, office equipment, foreign languages ​​with a level of knowledge, the presence of a driver's license and a personal car. Mention any awards you have received, participation in projects that will help you get the specified position.

Step 8

Write your professional qualities This item is optional. Moreover, you do not need to write simple adjectives such as "sociable", "responsible", etc. It is better to give a detailed description of what you can do. For example, the ability to work in a team, quickly resolve conflict situations, lead people, timely fulfill the work plan, etc.

Step 9

Indicate the date of creation of the resume

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