How To Write Your Professional Skills

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How To Write Your Professional Skills
How To Write Your Professional Skills

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We often have to describe our professional skills when applying for a new job. How to correctly write about your professional skills in such a way as to favorably emphasize your merits in front of the employer, and not to make unforgivable mistakes that exclude your candidacy from the number of applicants for the vacant position? There are unwritten rules to follow.

How to write your professional skills
How to write your professional skills


Step 1

In the resume, in the section "Professional achievements", write what you were able to achieve in your profession in previous jobs, and in the section "Professional skills" indicate exactly those points that helped you to obtain such results.

Step 2

When filling out the item "Professional skills", you should not be too scattered and make a long list of all possible and impossible skills that you possess. Focus on the main thing, namely: those skills that are necessary for the specific job for which you are applying. An overly versatile job seeker can lead the employer to think that your knowledge is superficial or that you were deceiving in an effort to make the best possible impression.

Step 3

Negotiation skills, excellent command of a computer and a foreign language (or several), the ability to resolve conflicts or excellent knowledge of the market are all examples of describing your professional skills.

Step 4

Write three or four sentences on your resume that describe the highlights of your work experience, for example: Five years as a deputy chief accountant in the retail industry. Eight years of experience as a chief accountant in the food industry. Excellent knowledge of the 1C: Accounting program.

Step 5

You should not overly focus the employer's attention on your personal qualities with the help of formulaic words that are full of almost every resume and cause only irritation: "responsibility", "purposefulness", "diligence", etc.

The opinion of your personality should be based on your professional skills and achievements.

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