How To Describe Your Skills On A Resume

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How To Describe Your Skills On A Resume
How To Describe Your Skills On A Resume

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An Employer Interview Resume is a short and meaningful story about you that demonstrates that you are successful in a job role. The resume should contain information about your education, work experience, your knowledge and skills. If you are applying for a job for the first time in your life, then filling out the item "skills" is most important to you.

A good resume is half the battle
A good resume is half the battle

It is necessary

  • - A computer
  • - Printer
  • - Paper
  • - Time to analyze and process your basic skills


Step 1

Include in the item "professional competence" only those knowledge and skills that are necessary to obtain the desired position. Your list of skills should appear logical and consistent in the eyes of the employer. Remember, the sole purpose of writing a resume is to get an interview invitation.

Step 2

Since in the modern world most professions require knowledge of computers and the Internet, start with them. Feel free to write "power PC user" or "power internet user" on your resume. List what programs, in addition to the standard ones, you know how to use: accounting, design, statistical, economic. Add information about which graphics editors you are working with. Describe your skills in the Internet - the ability to promote sites, search for information, etc.

Step 3

From computer skills, move on to others, for example, knowledge of foreign languages. Employers are encouraged to speak European and Eastern languages ​​in any field of social activity. List the languages ​​and indicate the degree of proficiency - fluent, with a dictionary, writing, reading.

Step 4

The item "skills" should contain information about your participation in projects, for example, "developing an advertising campaign for a real estate magazine." Name these projects and state what skills you have that helped bring these projects to life.

Step 5

If you have publications related to the activities of the employer, indicate the names of magazines, newspapers, sites where they were published, under what title and release date.

Step 6

Follow the technical requirements when writing your resume as a whole. Use typical fonts Times New Roman or Arial, 12 or 14 size. Don't use any color other than black.

Step 7

Use verbs in the present tense: I can, I can, I know, I can, I know.

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