How To Fill Out A Work Book: An Example

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How To Fill Out A Work Book: An Example
How To Fill Out A Work Book: An Example

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The work book is the main document that reflects almost all work activities. It contains the personal data of the employee, the position replaced by him, incentives, awards, a record of dismissal.

Employment history
Employment history

Personal data in the work book

On the initial page of the work book, such personal data as surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, education, profession (specialty) are indicated. The basis for entering data on education are diplomas confirming the completion of training in universities and colleges. Next, the date of filling out the work book is indicated, the signature of its owner, the signature of an employee of the personnel department or another person responsible for maintaining it and issuing the person and the seal of the organization are affixed.

Job details

A number of subsequent pages of the work book are intended to enter information directly about the work. In column No. 1, the ordinal number of the entry is entered, in column No. 2 - the date of the entry (year, day, month). Column No. 3 is intended to indicate information about hiring, transferring to another job, and dismissal. When entering information about the dismissal, it is necessary to indicate its reason, referring to a specific article of the Labor Code.

All actions of the management on recruiting, transferring to another job or dismissal are official and are drawn up in the form of an order or instruction, the number and date of release of which are entered in the designated column No. 4.

Record of hiring can be made, for example, as follows: "No. 1 09/18/2003 LLC" Product Company "Motor". Admitted to the position of HR manager. Order No. 25 dated September 18, 2003 ". In the case of transfer to any other position, the entry in the employment record may be as follows: “No. 7 03/15/2012 Transferred to the position of warehouse manager. Order No. 6 dated 01.02.2010 ". As an example, we can also cite the following record of dismissal: “No. 2 05/19/2003 Dismissed of his own free will, article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Head of the personnel department O.I. Ivanov (signature). Order No. 52 dated 23.07.2011 ". In this case, in the resignation record, it is mandatory to indicate the position, surname and initials of the personnel department employee or the person replacing him, as well as affix his signature and seal of the organization.

The work record book is stored in the personnel department during the period of its owner's work in this organization and is handed over to the employee only on the day of dismissal by an employee of the personnel department or other person acting as his / her person. The amount of pension benefits after reaching the appropriate age depends on the information about work experience contained in the work book.

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