How To Decorate A Shop Window

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How To Decorate A Shop Window
How To Decorate A Shop Window

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A showcase is a visiting card of any store, its face. And the more beautiful and brighter this face is, the more attention it will attract to itself. This means that the number of potential buyers will also increase. A beautifully decorated showcase, in itself, is a very good and effective advertising stunt. This manual describes step by step how and with what you can decorate the showcase.

How to decorate a shop window
How to decorate a shop window

It is necessary

Paper, pencil, scissors, thematic drawing, several cans of aerosol snow, masking tape


Step 1

New Year is one of the most important holidays celebrated in many countries. The New Year theme is in demand, so we will analyze this particular case of window dressing. There are many ideas on how to decorate a shop window (from cut paper snowflakes and figures to drawing on glass). Let's write out a rather simple and interesting way - design using stencil drawings.

The first thing you will need to do is choose a thematic drawing for the future stencil. You can draw a drawing yourself (invent or sketch from a finished picture), but if you are not sure of the success of your artistic talent, the best option would be to find and print the image you like.

Step 2

After the option of the picture is finally selected, proceed to transfer this image to thick paper. It is easier to clean a stencil made of thick paper from adhering aerosol snow, while not damaging the stencil itself. This means that such a stencil can be used more than once.

Step 3

The drawing is outlined, start cutting it out. Cut out the drawing very carefully, take your time. Just in case, make some blanks - duplicate the stencil. After all, if one of them becomes unusable, you (without any special problems) can replace it with another. This will eliminate the possibility that the stencil (made again from scratch) will differ from its predecessor.

Step 4

Glue the finished template to the display glass with masking tape. Place four small pieces of adhesive tape in the corners of the stencil. This will keep it in one place (no shifts).

Step 5

Apply spray snow through the stencil, pressing the template sheet firmly against the glass. Remember, it is not recommended to bring the spray can too close. Snow should easily fall on both the stencil and the glass ("at the end"). Otherwise, the strong pressure of the jet can clog the snow under the template.

Step 6

Carefully remove the stencil and clean it from the accumulated layer of aerosol snow, or simply change it to another stencil prepared in advance.

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