How To Issue A Tender

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How To Issue A Tender
How To Issue A Tender

The term "tender" denotes the holding of a tender - a kind of bidding for the right to receive a contract for the performance of a certain amount of work. Tenders are the main method of purchasing / ordering services for government or commercial orders. Proposals for the supply of goods, provision of services, are put up for auction on the principle of fair and effective mutual competition. At the same time, the offered goods / services must comply with the requirements proposed in the tender documentation.

How to issue a tender
How to issue a tender


Step 1

The tender documentation is intended to outline in detail the list of mandatory customer requirements for the goods / services supplied and to provide participants with room to submit competitive bids.

The winner of the tender is the participant who proposed a solution that best meets the requirements set out in the tender documentation on the most favorable terms. As a result of the tender, a contract for the provision of goods / services is concluded with such a winner.

Step 2

In order to win the tender, you must timely orient yourself in all the requirements stated in the tender documentation and assess your capabilities in solving the problems set forth in it. Then your proposal and its compliance with the requests of the tender documentation should be presented in the most attractive, effective and accessible way.

Step 3

When preparing documents for participation in the tender, it is necessary to focus on the ability to fulfill the requirements stated in the tender documentation. If there is documentary evidence, they should be used (for example, by attaching quality certificates for the goods). Be sure to find the advantage that the use of your goods / services gives, stop at it in the tender request. Note that the advantage is not always the lowest price offered. An additional argument can be such factors as ensuring the delivery of goods, additional guarantees for the services provided, etc.

Step 4

If you find it difficult to draw up the documentation for participation in the tender or are not sure of the correctness of your actions, a sufficiently large number of specialists are ready to help you both in preparing a project for participation and in preparing the entire package of documentation.

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