How To Get A Tender

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How To Get A Tender
How To Get A Tender

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The term "tender" itself is borrowed from the English language ("competition"). In principle, this is a closed competition, during which companies offer their services or goods to the customer. How to correctly prepare for participation in the tender?

How to get a tender
How to get a tender


Step 1

It is very important to immediately establish contact with the customer's side. You need to find out as much as possible about the company, try to understand why they announced a tender, why this particular project is important to them. It is on the basis of understanding the problem and the needs of the customer's company that you can draw up your competitive proposal.

Step 2

Before submitting the official tender documentation, some companies prefer to send a preliminary letter with their proposal, having received a response to which, you will have the opportunity to make valuable adjustments to the tender documentation.

Step 3

Further, when filling out the necessary documents, you should definitely adhere to the rules and regulations. Study the instructions as closely as possible. If you want to include any additional information beyond the scope of this manual, it is better to do so at the end of the document or highlight it as a separate appendix.

Step 4

Try to use clear tables, graphs and charts.

Step 5

Provide the customer with a clear plan for your actions. It will be easier for the client to follow the progress of the work.

Step 6

If your company has such an opportunity, be sure to indicate the guarantees that the customer will receive by choosing your project. You can also include in the documentation the necessary case studies, results, and feedback from previous clients to support your ideas.

Step 7

If you were not allowed to participate in the tender, but you believe that it happened illegally, you have every right to file a complaint with the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

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