How To Write A Claim For Payment

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How To Write A Claim For Payment
How To Write A Claim For Payment

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Delay in wages is a common phenomenon in our time. If you are officially registered and receive a so-called "white" salary, try to solve this problem with a claim for payment addressed to the head of the company where you work.

How to write a claim for payment
How to write a claim for payment

It is necessary

  • - the amount of wage arrears and compensation for the delay;
  • - claim for payment;
  • - Labor Code of the Russian Federation.


Step 1

Write a claim for payment of wages to the name of the head of the company. It can be written by hand or on a computer. Indicate in it the delay time and the total amount owed. In conclusion, demand from the administration of the enterprise to pay off the resulting wage arrears and pay compensation for its delay. Don't forget to sign and date.

Step 2

Give the document to the secretary and make sure he records it in the incoming documents. If you fear that your claim may be "lost" or not accepted, please send it by registered mail with notice. After a certain time, the employer must give you a written answer about the reasons for the delay and the further fate of your salary.

Step 3

If your employer is delaying your wages for more than 15 days, write to the manager's name to stop working until the delay is paid in full. In the application, indicate the article of the Labor Code on the basis of which you took this step (Article 142 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation), and indicate the date of your absence from work.

Step 4

Register the application according to the algorithm described above, fixing it with the secretary or sending it by registered mail with notification. You can put forward a condition on the termination of work in the first statement of claim, or write it in the next appeal.

Step 5

Having received a written notification from the employer about the readiness to pay, go to work no later than the next working day after receiving the answer. Otherwise, you may be fired for violation of labor discipline.

Step 6

According to Art. 236 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, you have the right to demand from the employer not only payment of wages, but also monetary compensation for each day of delay at the refinancing interest rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Step 7

If the employer, after taking all of the above actions, has not paid off the arisen debt, contact the labor inspectorate or the prosecutor's office with the requirement to bring the manager to responsibility for violations of the legislation on remuneration and demand from him the amount owed to you.

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