What Documents Are Required For Rental Housing

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What Documents Are Required For Rental Housing
What Documents Are Required For Rental Housing

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When deciding to rent an apartment, you can contact real estate agencies, or you can choose an apartment yourself and conclude a lease agreement. Self-registration of documents requires care and certain knowledge in the field of real estate rental.

What documents are required for rental housing
What documents are required for rental housing


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As a rule, the cost of intermediary services will cost the cost of the monthly rental rate. If you have already rented an apartment and the process of concluding a lease is familiar, then you can handle it without the participation of a real estate specialist. The owner of the apartment must be required to provide a full package of documents for the property. The title and title documents for the apartment will help to establish whether the landlord (the person who rents the apartment) has legal rights.

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The documents of title include: purchase and sale agreement, donation agreement, privatization documents, inheritance certificate, court decision, equity participation agreement in construction, rent agreement, etc. The document confirming the ownership of the apartment is a certificate of ownership. If the apartment is jointly owned by the spouses, then it is better to take the consent of the second spouse to transfer the property to rent in order to avoid problems in the future. Consent can be drawn up in simple writing or entered into the agreement in the agreement, it is important to obtain formal approval of the second spouse.

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It is necessary to ask the landlord to provide receipts for payment of utility bills, so as not to be left without communication services, energy supply, etc. It is always more difficult to resolve issues in the process of cooperation than to negotiate before the signing of an agreement. If an apartment is rented out by a person acting on the basis of a power of attorney, then he must have a notarized power of attorney with a list of actions that the attorney can perform in relation to the apartment, and it is also necessary to find an item in the power of attorney regarding the possibility of receiving rent payments from the tenant.

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If the owner of the apartment asks for a deposit or an advance payment, then, first of all, you need to check the documents for the apartment and only after that, draw up a deposit or advance payment agreement. The lease agreement itself is concluded only in writing, if the term of the agreement is more than one year, then the agreement is subject to mandatory state registration. The contract must include all the information that the parties have agreed on (who does what repairs, how rent and utility bills are paid, when it is possible to increase the rent, the possibility of transferring the premises to sublease, etc.).

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As a tenant of an apartment, you only need a passport and the availability of funds. If you are not sure of your knowledge in the field of real estate and documents for it, then it will be cheaper to turn, if not to a realtor, then to a lawyer for advice and drawing up a contract.

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