How To File A Claim With An Insurance Company

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How To File A Claim With An Insurance Company
How To File A Claim With An Insurance Company

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A claim to an insurance company is a documented claim of the policyholder for compensation for damage caused in an insured event. The property insurance contract contains all the rules regarding the procedure for filing and satisfying claims, but not many people know how to act in such situations and how to properly formalize their claims.

How to file a claim with an insurance company
How to file a claim with an insurance company


Step 1

Often, a claim can be drawn up in the form of a single form - a form that will be provided to you at the office of your insurance company, but you can also set out all the requirements in a free form, following the basic rules for processing such documents.

Step 2

Be sure to indicate the details of the addressee, that is, your insurance company. Usually, claims are sent to the director of the insurance company, so you need to indicate his last name, first name, patronymic, position held, name and address of the organization. All this information is usually indicated in the upper right corner of the sheet.

Step 3

Then write your details, that is, last name, first name, patronymic, address and telephone number. After that, in the center, write the name of the document "Claim" and describe all the information you know about the insured event. This can be the date and place of the accident, its nature, possible participants (if, for example, you are applying for car insurance) and full details about them, the number of the insurance policy.

Step 4

Do not forget to describe all the actions that you took, indicating the date of contacting your insurance company, the case number and the list of documents you provided to the insurance company and the date they were received.

Step 5

After that, state the essence of the claim. This may be a violation of the terms of payment of insurance, payment of an incomplete amount, or something else. Then write what you would like to demand from the company, for example, timely compensation for damage in an insured event.

Step 6

Write that if the insurance company refuses to fulfill your requirements voluntarily, you will file a claim in court for material and moral damage.

Step 7

Below, indicate the list of documents attached to the claim or their copies, write that another copy of the claim was sent by you to the Federal Insurance Supervision Service, or even better, do it, then the employees of the insurance company will treat you more responsibly.

Step 8

Do not forget to put the date of its compilation and your signature at the bottom of the document.

Step 9

Send the claim with the attached documents by registered mail with delivery receipt, or write and send to the insurance company two copies of the claim, one of which must be returned to you with a note of receipt. So in case of going to court, you will be able to prove the fact of applying to the insurance company and the inaction of its employees.

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