How To Write A Commercial Proposal

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How To Write A Commercial Proposal
How To Write A Commercial Proposal

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A well-written business proposal is an important step on the road to success. Indeed, often your potential customers can learn about the services or products of a company only from a commercial offer. And if it is written correctly, from a marketing point of view, the client will be yours.

How to write a commercial proposal
How to write a commercial proposal

It is necessary

Information about a potential client, company management


Step 1

The main purpose of a commercial proposal is to interest the client and intrigue him. Therefore, before intriguing and motivating, you need to know about which specific clients will be discussed. In other words, it is necessary to determine the information about the client: appeal, position, the correct spelling of the company name, the specifics of the activity. The commercial offer itself should also include your company logo, contact details of the person in charge, date, and a clear title of the offer. And, of course, no one canceled the respectful form of addressing the interlocutor.

Step 2

Offer not your product or service, but the benefits that your potential customer will receive by purchasing your product or service. Roughly speaking, the construction company needs to offer not super-strong drills, but holes that can be made with these drills faster, easier, more economically. It is worth, with substantiation of specific facts, to cite all the advantages of your offer, not limited to a lower price than that of competitors.

Try to fit the two main parts of a business proposal - essence and benefits - into two or three paragraphs. If the client is not interested in the first part of your letter, he will not read any further. In terms of volume, the commercial proposal should fit on an A4 sheet.

Step 3

After describing the advantages of a product or service, it is worth mentioning your advantages as a company: the possibility of an urgent order, bonuses and discounts for regular customers, online applications, friendly technical support, service and maintenance, free consultations, constant replenishment of the assortment, staff training, etc. Even if there are no benefits as such, they need to be found. The advantage can be the location of your company, the availability of access roads, a multi-line telephone and even a friendly operator.

Step 4

The end of the commercial offer should tell the potential client what actions he needs to take to contact you to clarify the offer or conclude a contract. Maximum contact information and detailed information about the form of cooperation will greatly facilitate the subsequent conversation, meeting and future partnerships.

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