How To Write A Cooperation Proposal

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How To Write A Cooperation Proposal
How To Write A Cooperation Proposal

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You can send an offer of cooperation to any person - both to someone with whom you have already communicated or know indirectly, and to someone you learned about through the Internet or advertising in the newspaper. This invitation to joint activities is written in the form of a business letter and its text is arbitrary, but there are some subtleties that will help you immediately positively establish yourself and arouse interest.

How to write a cooperation proposal
How to write a cooperation proposal


Step 1

Pay great attention to every detail in the design of the letter. Its text should be large enough to make it easy to read. Try not to color it gray, as it happens when the printer runs out of cartridge. The paper should be white and of good quality. Read the rules for the design of business documents set out in GOST R 6.30-2003 to make the correct margins. It is better to write it on the letterhead of your company. And, of course, perfect literacy is essential here.

Step 2

Even if you offer your cooperation to a legal entity, be sure to find out the name and patronymic of the manager, mentioning him in the greeting after the word "Dear". After that, common courtesy requires you to introduce yourself. You can also do this by giving your last name, first name and patronymic, as well as the position you hold in the company on whose behalf you are writing. Then tell us about your business, mention how long it has been on the market and list your business partners with whom you have been successful.

Step 3

Before you move on to presenting your proposal, literally in a nutshell mention that you, for example, have been observing with interest the activities of the enterprise headed by your addressee for a long time, or that this enterprise is known for its innovative developments. This will please him and endear him to you, as well as explain why you contacted this address.

Step 4

Express the proposal itself clearly and concretely, supporting it with economic and statistical calculations. But here, try to strike a balance so that the text is clear and convincing, but not too long. The one who reads your proposal for cooperation should be immediately clear of the undoubted economic benefit. If you are counting on long-term cooperation, then maybe there is a reason to take on a little more obligations.

Step 5

After the conclusion, be sure to indicate in the last paragraph your contact numbers and email address.

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