How To Draw Up A Cooperation Agreement

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How To Draw Up A Cooperation Agreement
How To Draw Up A Cooperation Agreement
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In order to optimize taxation, commercial organizations draw up a cooperation agreement, otherwise called a joint activity agreement. This document has its own characteristics, which should certainly be taken into account during the conclusion.

How to draw up a cooperation agreement
How to draw up a cooperation agreement


Step 1

Start drafting the document by describing the subject of the agreement. Please indicate here what types of activities will be carried out in the process of mutual cooperation. This can be financial assistance in the form of a loan, a grant, or technical support in the form of equipment and technology, as well as the creation of joint projects.

Step 2

In the description of the obligations of the parties, indicate in detail which of the parties to the agreement is responsible for a certain type of activity. For example, who will be in charge of finding and attracting customers, who is responsible for advertising and marketing, and who is responsible for technical support and warranty service of the equipment.

Step 3

When filling out the paragraph on the responsibility of the parties, focus on the obligations of each of them to observe commercial secrets, i.e., not to disclose confidential information about production processes that arise as a result of joint activities.

Step 4

In the paragraph "settlement procedure" specify the rules for the distribution of profits from joint projects. As a rule, the calculation is made on the basis of financial documents, which are an annex to the agreement on joint activities.

Step 5

The contract contains the clause "force majeure". Here, list in detail the reasons why the failure of one of the parties to fulfill their obligations under the agreement will be an objective circumstance that does not depend on the capabilities of the enterprise. These can be natural disasters, fires, etc. If the reason for non-fulfillment was predictable, then it is necessary to notify the partner 2 weeks before. Be sure to indicate this moment in the agreement.

Step 6

In specifying the terms of the agreement, provide for the presence of a phrase that the partners are obliged to notify each other of their intentions to terminate the agreement at least 2 months in advance. Otherwise, serious financial losses are possible.

Step 7

Make a cooperation agreement in two identical copies. If it consists of more than one sheet, you should sign each sheet or have your copy stitched together.

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