How To Conclude A Cooperation Agreement

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How To Conclude A Cooperation Agreement
How To Conclude A Cooperation Agreement

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In the process of carrying out activities, some heads of organizations conclude cooperation agreements that imply financial or other assistance. It can be presented in the form of interest-free loans, loans, the provision of mutual services, etc. This relationship must be documented, for this, a legal document such as an agreement is drawn up.

How to conclude a cooperation agreement
How to conclude a cooperation agreement


Step 1

First of all, you must discuss all the conditions with the counterparty in an oral conversation. Hire a lawyer or someone who understands legal issues for negotiations. Record all important points on paper.

Step 2

Start drafting a cooperation agreement by specifying the date and place of drawing up (name of the city). You can also add a legal document number. Write the names of the organizations and the persons representing them.

Step 3

Proceed to writing the first paragraph, which is called "Subject of the contract." Here you must indicate the essence of the agreement, the wording may be as follows: "Under this agreement, the purpose of cooperation is to provide financial and technical assistance …". Specify the terms of cooperation. For example, you can write that the parties undertake to search for clients or buyers for goods (services, works).

Step 4

Next, write about the responsibility of the parties. This may include conditions such as nondisclosure, patent protection, security, etc. Be sure to spell out the responsibilities and rights of the parties, for example, specify that the parties are required to provide each other with information necessary to sell goods or provide services.

Step 5

The point about calculations is very important. Here you need to indicate how the profit is distributed between the parties, how settlements are carried out within the framework of the cooperation agreement.

Step 6

Write down the actions to be taken in the event of force majeure. Next, indicate the term of the cooperation agreement. If you want it to automatically renew, enter the option to automatically renew the document. Be sure to clarify how disputable situations are resolved. Indicate the details of the parties (including banking), sign and affix the blue seal of the organization. Give the contract to another organization for signature.

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