How To Draw Up A Commercial Proposal Correctly

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How To Draw Up A Commercial Proposal Correctly
How To Draw Up A Commercial Proposal Correctly

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A commercial proposal is an important and effective tool in the work of any manager or salesperson. When compiling it, it is important to observe a clear structure and take into account the typical requirements for the design of this document.

How to draw up a commercial proposal correctly
How to draw up a commercial proposal correctly

A written sales proposal is an integral part of the day-to-day business of any manager or salesperson. These documents, as a rule, are drawn up for those customers who have already expressed an interest in purchasing a particular product or service, who want to receive more information about the product being sold. A correctly drawn up proposal will help to significantly increase the efficiency of commercial activities, while typical mistakes in writing it can significantly reduce the number of potential customers and partners. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the difficulty of influencing a potential buyer, a customer, without personal contact with him.

Commercial offer structure

In the structure of the commercial proposal, the following constituent elements should be distinguished:

1) heading, company logo - letterhead, which is placed at the top of each page of the document;

2) registration numbers and address part - in this block the date and the outgoing number of the proposal are entered, its sender and addressee are indicated;

3) appeal and mention of the reason - this structural part involves a respectful appeal to prospective partners, a reminder of past contacts or negotiations on the purchase of goods, ordering services;

4) a brief description of the client's needs (based on previous contacts with him), justification of his need to purchase a product;

5) the proposals themselves, presented briefly, clearly, in a business style (if detailed explanations are required, links to applications are made);

6) a list of attached documents, which may provide detailed explanations, specifications, calculations;

7) the amount of the client's expenses with a description of his expected benefits and the period during which the offer is valid;

8) a brief description of the advantages of the selling company and the appointment of the date of the next contact;

9) final details - date and signature.

Features of the proposal design

The client is impressed not only by the content of the offer, but also by its design. It is recommended to break the text into short and medium paragraphs, use justification, and number pages if there are more than one page. For writing, it is better to use a font of standard size, do not overuse emphasis, italics, as this complicates perception. If there are several pages in the proposal, it is recommended to evenly distribute the text on them.

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