How To Draw Up A Contract Correctly

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How To Draw Up A Contract Correctly
How To Draw Up A Contract Correctly

The features that should be taken into account when drawing up a particular agreement are regulated by the corresponding chapters of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, there are rules that apply to almost all types of contracts, regardless of what kind of relationship is being formalized.

How to draw up a contract correctly
How to draw up a contract correctly


Step 1

Before you start drawing up the contract, make sure that its terms do not contradict the current legislation and do not violate anyone's rights. Decide how complete the text of the agreement will be: either you write down all the possible conditions, or the interpretation and application of the agreement from the point of view of the dispositive norms and customs of business turnover will be enough for you.

Step 2

In the preamble of the contract, indicate between which parties the contract is concluded. The parties should be named in such a way that they can be clearly identified. If necessary, you can include not only the names of the parties, but also additional information about them, for example, passport data of an individual or taxpayer identification number for a legal entity.

Step 3

The essence of the contract should also be very clear, especially if you are drawing up a non-standard contract or a document with elements of several contracts. The more complete the data on the subject of the contract, the easier it will be to determine the nature of the relationship between the parties, as well as their rights and obligations.

Step 4

Contracts are reimbursable and gratuitous. If your agreement requires one of the parties to receive payment for the fulfillment of obligations, indicate this in the text and indicate the price of the agreement. In some cases, the price is set by agreement of the parties, in others - in accordance with tariffs and rates regulated by authorized government bodies.

Step 5

The term of the contract is also an essential condition. Specify a specific date or events, the occurrence of which will determine the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations. If a specific period is not determined, it is considered that the contract is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations. In certain cases, a law or an agreement may establish that the expiration of the term of the agreement entails the termination of obligations. Write in the text which of the options is suitable in your case.

Step 6

The rest of the terms of the agreement must be determined based on those relations that are governed by this agreement. The rights and obligations of the parties, the onset of force majeure, all kinds of fines, penalties and forfeits, the procedure for resolving disputes - all this can be reflected in the contract or determined by the current legislation.

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