How To Correctly Draw Up An Annex To The Contract

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How To Correctly Draw Up An Annex To The Contract
How To Correctly Draw Up An Annex To The Contract

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The conclusion of various types of contracts is a daily practice in our life. The contract, as a rule, reflects all the main issues necessary for its execution. However, there is information that makes the contract very cumbersome or there are a number of issues that need to be resolved during the execution of the contract - for this, the Appendix to the contract is drawn up.

attachment to agreement
attachment to agreement


  • - the main contract to which the Application is drawn up;
  • - seal of the organization (if the contract is concluded between legal entities);
  • - passport (if the contract is concluded between individuals).


Step 1

An annex to a treaty cannot exist on its own. It is drawn up to a specific contract. Several Appendices can be drawn up to the agreement, therefore each of them must be numbered. In the Appendix, indicate the name, number of the Agreement and the date of its conclusion. For example, Appendix No. 1 to Work Contract No. 3 dated 01.07.2011. In the Appendix, just like in the main Agreement, the city in which it was drawn up and the date of execution are indicated.

Step 2

Indicate the necessary conditions and other information that you want to be reflected in the Appendix to the Agreement. All information should be formulated clearly, completely and concisely. It can be as several points (if the information is voluminous), or any one condition. As a rule, according to conditions not interconnected with each other and having different subjects, several Annexes to the contract are drawn up.

Step 3

The application, just like the contract itself, is drawn up on the basis of the voluntary consent of the parties, all conditions must be agreed. If the Appendix contains information that does not require approval, but indicates specific data, the parties must be familiarized with the information in the Appendix.

Sign the Annex to the agreement. An application concluded between legal entities is sealed with seals. Do not forget that all Appendices, after signing by the parties, are an integral part of the main Agreement. They are subject to the norms of the current legislation.

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