How To Draw Up An Act Correctly In

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How To Draw Up An Act Correctly In
How To Draw Up An Act Correctly In

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One of the main documents that are used in any field of activity is the act. It serves to confirm some events or facts and is certified by several persons. How to draw up an act correctly?

How to draw up an act correctly
How to draw up an act correctly


Step 1

Organize a commission that will take part in drawing up the act. The commission must have at least two people.

Step 2

Reflect in the act the actual state of affairs or use the draft notes that were made at the place of verification. These records should contain factual information, quantitative indicators and analytical data.

Step 3

Use specially designed forms for drawing up an act.

Step 4

Write the name of the organization that compiles this document.

Step 5

Enter the date of writing the act and its registration number. If the activity took place over several days, check this.

Step 6

Indicate the place where the document was drawn up and choose a heading, in which the word "act" must be the first, and then the purpose of its compilation. For example, the "Act on the transfer of values."

Step 7

Note the type of document on the basis of which this work is carried out, its number and date of preparation.

Step 8

Write the surnames, first names, patronymics and positions of the chairman of the commission that compiles the document and its members. Describe in detail in the main part of the act the methods, nature, nature and timing of the work that was done.

Step 9

Describe the facts that were identified during the event. To reflect this information, you can use tables or present it point by point. Reflect conclusions and suggestions from the work done that can be used to improve the current status quo.

Step 10

Indicate the number of copies of the drawn up act, which depends on the number of interested parties or on the developed standards. Note the presence of attachments to the document, if any. Let all members of the commission sign the act (with a decrypted signature).

Step 11

Approve the prepared document with the head of the enterprise.

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