How To Arrange A Newborn

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How To Arrange A Newborn
How To Arrange A Newborn

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Making the necessary documents for a newborn is, in fact, not such a difficult process, if you know what, where and in what time frame. One should start by registering a new citizen at the registry office.

How to arrange a newborn
How to arrange a newborn

It is necessary

  • - a certificate from the hospital or other document confirming the fact of the birth of a child;
  • - parents' passports;
  • - Marriage certificate.


Step 1

The registry office at the place of residence of any of the parents must be contacted within a month from the day the baby is born. If the parents are married, any of them can do it. With him he must have a certificate established from the hospital, a passport, his own and the second parent, and a marriage certificate. In case of a child born out of wedlock, passports and a certificate from the hospital are enough, but both the father and mother must appear at the registry office. fill out standard forms and return them to the birth registration officer. Then all that remains is to come for a ready-made certificate. Employees of the registry office also issue certificates to parents for the appointment of benefits, presented to the social security and to work.

Step 2

The next stage is for the child to obtain Russian citizenship and registration at the place of residence.

According to the law, for newborns to acquire citizenship, it is enough that at least one of the parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation. But this does not cancel the procedure for registering him as a citizen of the Russian Federation, and without it the registration of a new Russian will be incomplete. The stamp of Russian citizenship is placed on the certificate on the same day, but this document will be obtained a little later, since at the same time the FMS authorities will also carry out formalities for registering the baby at the place of residence.

Step 3

Any of the parents has the right to register a baby in the same housing where he is registered. The peculiarity of registration (or, as it is called in the old fashioned way, registration) of a newborn is that it does not matter how many people are registered in an apartment or house and their consent to register a new tenant is not required. But when registering a baby at a new address, this will no longer be avoided. From the father or mother of the newborn, all that is required is a visit to the district office of the FMS or the passport office of the former housing office (different regions may have their own orders) at the place of their registration with a passport and a birth certificate child and fill out the necessary forms, and then pick up a certificate with a stamp of citizenship and a mark of registration at the place of residence.

Step 4

In the first six months after birth, a child has the right to free medical care, regardless of citizenship, registration and compulsory medical insurance policy. However, it is better not to delay the registration of the latter; you need to apply for it to the polyclinic at the place of residence of either parent. If the policies are not issued directly on the spot, then they will tell you which insurance company you need to contact, and its coordinates. You can also find them on the company's website. Both father and mother can apply for a policy for a newborn. To do this, you need to appear at the division of the company that deals with the registration of compulsory medical insurance policies, with your passport with a residence permit and a child's birth certificate and fill out an application for a policy.

Step 5

You can apply for a policy even before the child is registered at the place of residence. But by the time the finished document is received, the registration mark in the birth certificate must be present.

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