How To Prescribe A Newborn

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How To Prescribe A Newborn
How To Prescribe A Newborn

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From the moment the baby is born, special concerns and troubles arise for his parents. And after the appearance of a new family member in the apartment, the parents are responsible for registering the child at the place of residence.

How to prescribe a newborn
How to prescribe a newborn


Step 1

To comply with the procedure for registering a child at the place of actual residence and registration of his legal representatives, you should contact the Housing and Maintenance Department, whose organizational activities are aimed at territorial service of your address place of residence.

Step 2

When contacting the named department, you must provide the competent specialist with the following documents: a certificate confirming the fact of the birth of a newborn; passports of the parents applying with the application; marriage certificate. Each document must be photocopied in advance.

Step 3

The specialist will ask you to fill out a standard application, which is completed manually in blue or black ink.

Step 4

The written application is filled out by one of the parents of the newborn and must contain the signature of the second parent, who thereby confirms his consent to the registration of the child.

Step 5

In addition, the application form can be previously taken from the office for self-completion at the place of residence. Preliminarily discuss with a specialist what requirements are imposed on filling out individual columns.

Step 6

If the parents of the newborn live separately and have different registration addresses, then when deciding on the registration of the child, it is necessary to provide an information certificate confirming that the baby is not registered at the actual place of residence of the second parent.

Step 7

As additional information, it is worth noting that the newborn must be registered at the place of registration of the parents, and not other relatives. It is the place of registration that guarantees a new member of society the right to live with parents and be raised in a full-fledged family, legally established by the family code.

Step 8

During the registration procedure, the originals of such important documents as the birth certificate of the child and the passports of both parents are sent to the Federal Migration Service. The duration of the registration procedure is no more than 10 working days. During the registration of documents in the passports of the parents of the newborn, a page containing information about the children will be filled in.

Step 9

After completing the registration procedure, the parents are issued with a certificate from the Federal Migration Service about the child's registration. The certificate is valid until a certain moment, which may be a change of registration when moving or the issuance of a passport.

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