What Is The Charter

What Is The Charter
What Is The Charter

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The Charter is a whole set of rules adopted by any voluntary community of people and designed to organize and regulate the activities of this community in the best possible way.

What is the charter
What is the charter

The purpose of the charter is to streamline the relationship between the entire society and this group of people, as well as relationships, economic and legal, within this group. The charter also defines the tasks and goals of the formation and existence of an organized community, regulates legal issues.

Perhaps the most ancient charter is the military charter, which regulates the position of servicemen in the Russian army and their relationship with each other. The first charter, which became the basis of the legal system of Russia, is considered the military charter of Peter I, adopted by him back in 1716. It outlined the military constituent laws, the military criminal code, and also contained descriptions of the processes of preparing servicemen for military marches, reported information on punishments and military ranks.

The modern military regulations define the rights and obligations of servicemen, as well as their responsibility and the relationship between commanders and subordinates.

Today the charter is adopted by every newly created organization, association or enterprise in any field of activity. Municipal educational formations, political parties, sports clubs, enterprises and joint stock companies have charters.

They are designed to streamline the activities of organizations, their relations with government agencies, tax inspections, determine the goals and objectives of education and existence, methods of achieving the necessary results.

Charters are also adopted by state and international organizations, for example, the CIS Charter, the UN Charter.

The charter consists of articles and provisions, which are divided into paragraphs and clauses, have a digital and letter designation. Typically, the charter is signed by all members of the community who accept it.

The charter is a voluntary agreement to regulate its activities in accordance with the accepted rules. Failure to comply with the bylaws can result in exclusion from the community and sometimes legal, administrative or criminal liability. Violation of international charters threatens to complicate relations between states.

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