How To Find A Work Book

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How To Find A Work Book
How To Find A Work Book

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If you have lost your work book, then do not expect mercy from the HR department when applying for a new job. The personnel officers will simply show you the door. And you cannot apply for a pension without a work book. So be patient and restore this document no matter what.

How to find a work book
How to find a work book


Step 1

Make requests to your previous jobs for the issuance (or forwarding) of documents confirming your work experience, namely: - original orders of employment and dismissal;

- originals of employment contracts;

- originals of statements confirming the payment of wages to you, according to the staffing table;

- other certificates and certificates.

Step 2

Apply with an application addressed to your manager at the last place of work for a duplicate booklet for you. Within 15 days from the date of contact (in person or by letter with notification), he is obliged to give you (or send in a similar letter) a duplicate. The duplicate will contain information about the general seniority, seniority at the last place of work, as well as information about penalties or incentives also at the last place of work. No information about the previous places of work and positions will be included in the duplicate.

Step 3

In the event that the employer does not send (or does not give) you the original work book within 2 weeks from the date of dismissal, contact the labor inspectorate with a complaint about his actions.

Step 4

If the book was lost through the fault of the employer as a result of unforeseen circumstances, then a special expert commission is created, to which you will also be required to submit documents confirming your general experience before you will be issued a duplicate of the work book.

Step 5

If the company where your book was kept, go to court. If the owner has already founded a new enterprise, then first contact the labor inspectorate and only then bring him to court.

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