How To Design Business Cards

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How To Design Business Cards
How To Design Business Cards

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A business card is a familiar and useful attribute of numerous spheres of business life, cultural, personal and friendly contacts of various levels. The main purpose of a business card is information about a person, a business partner when dating: at negotiations, receptions, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, festivals and other meetings.

How to design business cards
How to design business cards


Step 1

Business cards are designed in different ways - in accordance with their purpose. At the same time, it is important to remember the main thing: a business card is one of the components of the image of a company and its employee. She is a sign of the corporate identity of the company and the taste of its representative-owner.

Step 2

Business cards are made of high quality thick paper or thin cardboard: in this case, they will retain their dignified appearance for a long time. Business cards do not have a mandatory size standard, but in practice the optimal format is like a credit card (5cm x 9cm). This option is considered "masculine". There are also other formats: 4x8; 3.5x7 (for women). For such business cards, both business card holders and special wallet pockets are suitable.

Step 3

Classic - a business card on white cardboard with a matte surface, with a black font. You can choose colored, textured paper, more intricate graphics and fonts, place the owner's photo on the card (the latter is not the best style). A business card should not be pretentious, too bright (the requirements for this attribute in diplomatic circles are especially strict).

Step 4

There are several types of business cards. 1. Business standard for business purposes.

It contains the surname, name, patronymic of the person, place of work, position, office phone number, fax. The name of the managerial employee of the company, as a rule, is printed in the center of the card, the position - under the name (in smaller print). The name, address of the company is located in the lower left corner. Phone number, fax number, Internet address - in the lower right.

On the business card of an ordinary employee, the name, patronymic, surname are most often printed in the lower left corner, in the center - company data, in the lower right - phone and fax numbers.

2. Executive business card.

It lacks an address and phone number. Such a business card facilitates communication, but its presentation is not a direct "invitation sign" to continue contacts.

3. Business card of the company (department).

It contains the address, phone number, fax, link to the site. It is used for representative purposes. The more phone numbers are listed, the larger and more serious the firm appears.

4. Business cards for personal use (for informal occasions).

They write only the first name, patronymic, surname. Sometimes the profession, honorary, academic titles are indicated, but not the rank (often in non-official situations it is more appropriate and simply more comfortable for a person not to emphasize his official status).

The general requirements for the design of business cards are simple: good layout (readability), uniform style, high-quality printing.

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