How To Get A Passport In Samara

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How To Get A Passport In Samara
How To Get A Passport In Samara

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Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to obtain and issue a foreign passport. To do this, you need to contact the local migration service office with a set of documents or send an application using the public services portal.

International passport in Samara
International passport in Samara

Where to go to get a passport

The Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Samara Region are located at ul. Gagarin, 66a, and st. Osipenko, 3, p. 3.

They also accept documents in the FMS offices located in the administrative districts of the city of Samara. In the Industrial District, OUFMS can be found at Kalinin St., 13a, in the Soviet District - st. Aerodromnaya, 98, in Krasnoglinsky - st. Nogina, 15. Monday and Sunday are days off. To get acquainted with the working hours of the divisions of the migration service, you should go to their official website

You can apply for a foreign passport through the government services portal To enter your personal account, you need a SNILS number and an activation code, which is sent through the postal service. When filling out the steps, you will need passport details, information about the place of work for the last 10 years and a photo. After processing the application, an invitation letter is sent to the FMS department to the specified e-mail box.

List of documents

When submitting documents for obtaining a foreign passport, you must fill out an application form. The form is issued in a special window by an employee of the Federal Migration Service. The questionnaire should be written with a black ink pen and strictly capital letters. You can also download the application from the FMS website in advance and fill it out on your computer.

The package of documents required for obtaining a passport consists of:

- the original and a copy of the pages of the civil passport;

- old passport, if available;

- 3x4 photos;

- receipts with paid state duty.

Photos should be taken in salons or studios. For the "foreign" of the old sample, you need 3 photos, the new sample - 2. Details for paying the state duty can be taken from the website of the Samara FMS. The size of the state duty for adults for a biometric passport is 2500 rubles, for an old one - 1000 rubles, for children under 14 years old - 1200 rubles. and 300 p. respectively. It should be noted that if a parent draws up a new generation passport for himself, he will not be able to enter the children there, they will also need to obtain a passport.

Additionally, males under 27 years of age must provide the FMS staff with the original military ID. Sometimes they ask to bring certificate No. 32 from the military registration and enlistment office to those who have a deferment from being drafted into the army. Pensioners should show the original of the pension certificate. If, before 2014, it was required to provide the original or a copy of the work book, certified by the employer, at the moment this is not necessary.

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