How To Get A Passport In Volgograd

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How To Get A Passport In Volgograd
How To Get A Passport In Volgograd

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More and more Russians go abroad for various reasons - on tourist trips, to study, to work. And in all these cases, before obtaining a visa, you must issue a passport. Obtaining a passport may differ from city to city. This is due to the fact that since 2010 there has been a transition from issuing traditional passports valid for 5 years to issuing biometric documents for 10 years. Volgograd also has its own specifics of issuing documents for a passport.

How to get a passport in Volgograd
How to get a passport in Volgograd

It is necessary

  • - general civil passport;
  • - military ID;
  • - old passport;
  • - money to pay the duty.


Step 1

Prepare a package of documents required for obtaining a passport. When submitting documents, an adult citizen must have a civil passport, an old passport (if any), a military ID (for men 18-27 years old) and a completed application form. You do not need to submit photos, they will be taken on the spot, at the department of the Federal Migration Service.

If you are going to travel abroad for permanent residence, indicate this information in the application form.

Step 2

Pay the fee for obtaining a passport. For an adult citizen in 2011 it is 2500 rubles, for a child - 1200 rubles. Pay this amount at any bank. If you have chosen Sberbank, you can, without standing in line at the cashier, deposit money through a special payment terminal located in many branches of the bank. If you want to pay this amount through another bank, please check the payment details on the website or at the FMS office in advance.

Step 3

Download the application form for obtaining a passport on the FMS website. Fill it out in duplicate. If you are working or studying, take it for certification at your place of work or study. There, the questionnaire must be stamped and signed by the responsible employee.

Step 4

Find on the FMS website the address and working hours of the FMS branch nearest to you. Submit the documents on a first-come, first-served basis, or by appointment, as you prefer. You can make an appointment by calling the phone number listed on the website.

Step 5

In a month, you will receive a ready passport at the department of the Federal Migration Service. Moreover, if you have an old passport and its validity period has not expired, it will be withdrawn.

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