How To Get A Passport Via The Internet

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How To Get A Passport Via The Internet
How To Get A Passport Via The Internet

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With the advent of the website of public services, the need to go to the Federal Migration Service and stand in line to submit documents for a foreign passport has disappeared. Now, in order to make an application, it is enough to have access to the Internet.

How to issue a passport via the Internet
How to issue a passport via the Internet


Step 1

Go to the website Look for the "Citizenship, Registration, Visas" column. Select it and check the "Obtaining a passport" item. Three links will appear - "Registration of a general civil passport", "Registration of a biometric passport for traveling abroad" and "Registration of an old-style passport for traveling abroad." Select the one you want.

Step 2

Click on "Apply". Click on the link to start the registration process on the site. Fill in the fields that appear by entering your real mobile phone number and e-mail address, as well as the details of your civil passport and SNILS number.

Step 3

First, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Follow the link to continue with the checkout.

Step 4

After confirming your email address, wait for an SMS with a password. It will be sent to the mobile phone number indicated in the application form. Enter the received code into the window in your personal account on the website of public services.

Step 5

After checking the correctness of the mobile phone number to the address for registration indicated in the passport and entered in the application form, you will receive another letter with a code and instructions for completing registration on the site. The shipment usually takes two to four weeks. After entering the last password, you will have access to applying for a foreign passport.

Step 6

Fill in all the points of the application for obtaining a passport for traveling abroad. Please provide only truthful information. All information is sent first to the Federal Security Service, where it is thoroughly checked. Attach a scanned photo of 3, 5x4, 5 centimeters to the application form and click the "Send" button. If the system has detected errors in the columns, they will be highlighted in red. Only after correction can the application be sent again.

Step 7

Verification of the data specified in the questionnaire takes one to three weeks. After that, if you issued an old passport, you will be asked to appear at the territorial department of the FMS to obtain a document. If you applied for a biometric passport, you will have to come to the department twice. The first time - in order to take a picture with a special apparatus, the second - for a new passport.

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