How To Get Snills Via The Internet In

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How To Get Snills Via The Internet In
How To Get Snills Via The Internet In

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The abbreviation SNILS stands for "insurance number of an individual personal account" in the pension insurance system. Computerization has firmly entered life, people are getting used to using public services online, so the question of obtaining SNILS via the Internet is quite relevant.

How to get snills via the Internet in 2017
How to get snills via the Internet in 2017

It is necessary

  • - passport.
  • -statement,
  • - access to the Internet
  • - electronic signature


Step 1

To obtain this document, a personal visit to the local branch of the Russian Pension Fund is required. Fill out the questionnaire that a PF employee will give you. However, the ADV-1 form can be found on the Internet, filled out and printed at home, and then brought to the PF department.

Step 2

The requisites in the questionnaire are indicated in the nominative case, you need to fill out in block letters with black helium paste, in a neat legible handwriting. Each letter should be in its own square.

Step 3

Fill in the details of your full name and mark the desired gender (male, female). Date of birth is filled in in the format "January 01, 2014". Enter your place of birth. The names of the administrative units must correspond to the details of the passport or other identity document.

Step 4

Write the full postal address based on the registration. If the registration data differs from the actual place of residence, fill in the details "Actual address", as well as your home, work and mobile phones, so that if necessary, you can be quickly contacted.

Step 5

Fill in the code, name, series and number of the identity document on the basis of which the questionnaire is filled out, as well as data on who and when it was issued. The document code can be found in the reference book of document types. The name of the notified body may be abbreviated.

Step 6

Put the date of filling out the questionnaire in the format "January 01, 2014" and your signature with a transcript.

Step 7

You can also apply for SNILS on the website To do this, go to the tab "Authorities" - "Ministry of Labor and Social Development" - "Pension Fund" - "All services". Select the item "Acceptance from policyholders of applications for voluntary entry into a legal relationship on compulsory pension insurance." The filling procedure is similar to filling out the questionnaire during a personal visit to the PF branch.

Step 8

Confirm the correctness of the entered data with your electronic signature. However, in order to receive the card, you will have to come to the PF branch in person.

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