How To Find SNILS Via The Internet

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How To Find SNILS Via The Internet
How To Find SNILS Via The Internet

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A pension insurance certificate is a confirmation that a citizen of the Russian Federation is registered in the compulsory pension insurance system. Each certificate has a unique insurance number of an individual account (SNILS), which can be obtained or found out via the Internet.

How to find SNILS via the Internet
How to find SNILS via the Internet


Step 1

In accordance with Russian law, you can find out or receive SNILS only by personally contacting the local branch of the Pension Fund, presenting a passport or any other identity document to specialists. However, using the Internet can make this procedure much easier. Open the official website of the FIU and go to the "Contacts" section, which is located on the main page. Here you will find the addresses and contact details of all branches, among which you can easily find the one closest to you. The FIU can be found on the main page of the organization in the "Contacts" section

Step 2

To get SNILS, you need to fill out an application form and submit it to the Pension Fund office. Use the website "" to print the form and fill it out. If you need to restore your existing number in case of loss of insurance certificate, download and fill out the application form for issuing a duplicate of the document. Visit the institution during the specified reception hours and submit completed documents. Please note that it may take several days to produce a new certificate or a duplicate.

Step 3

Think about where your SNILS could be listed. If you have an official job, you can ask the management to provide the relevant data. You can also give the necessary information to you at the passport office at your place of residence. In addition, some sites require the mandatory entry of SNILS upon registration. For example, if you registered on the "Gosuslugi" website, try to enter it as you did earlier. The login to enter is SNILS, so if the autofill function is activated in your browser, your pension insurance certificate number will already be indicated in the corresponding field.

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