How To Pay On A Writ Of Execution

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How To Pay On A Writ Of Execution
How To Pay On A Writ Of Execution

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According to Federal Law 229-F3 "On Enforcement Proceedings", if you have received a court order and a writ of execution, you must begin to pay off the debt on it within two months. This can be done in any convenient way, but at the same time you must have documents confirming the transfer of payments.

How to pay on a writ of execution
How to pay on a writ of execution

It is necessary

  • - writ of execution and its copy;
  • - application to the accounting department;
  • - bank checks and receipts.


Step 1

If you have been ordered to pay the plaintiff, then you can voluntarily submit an application at your place of work to transfer the amount owed in a fixed amount or as a percentage. Instead of an application, you can submit a copy of the writ of execution. You will be deducted from you on a monthly basis, and transferred to a savings account or to the address of the claimant's post office.

Step 2

If you were ordered to pay alimony for children or disabled parents under a writ of execution, then 25% of the amount of your income remaining after tax will be deducted for one child or parent. For two children or parents - 33%, for three or more - 50% or a lump sum, if the court ruled that payments will be made in a lump sum due to your unstable income.

Step 3

According to article 138 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, more than 50% of the amount of income cannot be deducted from you. Only in exceptional cases, 70% can be deducted from the amount of income. Exceptional cases include payments in favor of the plaintiff while serving in a correctional colony due to damage caused; the presence of alimony arrears; payment of damage related to the death of the breadwinner; compensation for damage related to serious injuries inflicted on the plaintiff.

Step 4

If you are not working, you can do the transfers yourself. If you were awarded to pay the interest rate under the writ of execution, then the transfers cannot be less than the amount of the minimum wage (minimum wage). Or you can make lump sum transfers if a court has ordered such a decision.

Step 5

Do not pass money from hand to hand to the plaintiff. You must have proof of receipts for your payments, so make bank or postal transfers and keep all receipts.

Step 6

If you do not have the funds to pay under the writ of execution, then the bailiffs have the right to make an inventory of your property and sell it to pay off the debt under the writ of execution. They also have the right to seize all your savings and put them on account of the debt on the writ of execution.

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