Do I Need Registration To Work In Moscow

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Do I Need Registration To Work In Moscow
Do I Need Registration To Work In Moscow

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Moscow at all times enjoyed great popularity among visitors to earn money. This is just as relevant today. Moscow is the capital of Russia, a huge city with great opportunities. That is why they strive to come here for permanent residence from all corners of our vast Motherland, as well as from the near abroad.

Do I need registration to work in Moscow
Do I need registration to work in Moscow

The very first and important question that worries all visitors is whether registration is needed to work in Moscow.

General provisions on registration

In accordance with current legislation, any citizen who lives outside the main address of registration for more than 90 days must issue a temporary registration. Otherwise, according to the Code of Administrative Offenses, after 90 days you will be fined 2,500 rubles. It should be noted that foreign citizens with a dark complexion and narrow eyes should not rely on the established 90 days and try to register in the capital as early as possible.

Temporary registration is issued in accordance with the "Law on Freedom of Movement" and "Registration Rules". The list of documents required for presentation to the passport office in order to issue a temporary registration is as follows:

- identity document;

- application of the established form;

- the document that is the basis for the check-in.

The basis for moving in is the living space and the consent of the owners for your stay in this room.

Registration for work in the capital

For citizens who have arrived in the capital under an employment contract, the registration period, as a rule, coincides with the term of the contract. If the employment contract is extended, then the temporary registration must also be renewed. Registration at the place of work in Moscow is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months.

There are cases of refusal to hire citizens without registration in Moscow. In fact, the work permit in the capital and registration in the capital are completely independent of each other. And the cases of refusal to hire are not lawful, nevertheless, employers refuse visiting citizens. This is due to the fact that the employer does not want to have problems associated with the lack of registration, plus everything, the employer will have to deal with registration of its employees himself.

Based on the foregoing, registration in the capital for work is not formally needed, but in fact it is necessary. And if we consider registration in Moscow without reference to work, then the need for registration depends on the purpose of visiting the capital. For the majority of citizens visiting Moscow for a long time, registration provides more opportunities than living without registration. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of temporary registration in advance, negotiate with relatives or find other options. He who is forewarned is armed.

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