Who Is An Actor? Features Of The Creative Profession

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Who Is An Actor? Features Of The Creative Profession
Who Is An Actor? Features Of The Creative Profession

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Actor (actress) is a profession that involves performing various roles in plays, films, videos and clips. Despite the seeming simplicity, not everyone can work in cinematography.

Profession actor
Profession actor

The profession of an actor appeared a long time ago. Even in ancient times, shamans staged a variety of performances. Members of the tribe naturally acted as spectators. As an art, acting began to be seen in ancient Greece. The artists were loved and respected. There was an opinion that it was prestigious to be an actor.

In Russia, there was a completely different opinion about acting. The Church hunted for the actors. But the attitude towards this field of activity changed after several centuries.

Until the 20th century, acting was not distinguished by a variety of roles. In the performances of the artists, stereotyped, one-sidedness was observed. But everything changed thanks to Stanislavsky K.S. Having created an acting system, he managed to make the profession a real art. From that moment, the artists began to show all their skills in order to demonstrate, convey the emotions of their hero, convey to the audience his feelings and character traits.

Description of the profession

Not everyone understands that being an actor is very difficult. After all, there is no guarantee that you can succeed. There is no financial stability. Hundreds of actors graduate from theater schools every year. But only a few become even a little known. It's not worth talking about world fame.

Profession actor
Profession actor

Luck plays an important role. There are lucky ones who were noticed during training. They get star roles, become instantly famous. Even so, success is not guaranteed. After all, after a few years, everyone can forget about the actor.

Acting talent is based on the ability to transform, both internally and externally. External reincarnation takes place with the help of makeup, costumes, masks, intonation, gestures, etc. Internal reincarnation implies that the actor must open up spiritually, share the emotions of his character, and demonstrate all facets of his character. In this case, everything must be done so that the viewer believes. It is very difficult to become genius masters of reincarnation.

Where to study

The profession of an actor can be obtained at a drama school. At the present stage, training takes place in such specialties as:

  1. drama and cinema;
  2. Musical Theatre;
  3. Puppet Theatre;
  4. stage and circus.

There are no strict restrictions. Even a graduate of a musical theater can work on the set.

You can achieve success without studying at a theater school. Heath Ledger, Tom Cruise, Faina Ranevskaya, Yulia Snigir, Alexandra Bortich - all these are actors and actresses who could prove themselves on the set.

The profession of an actor: features and relevance
The profession of an actor: features and relevance

At the present stage, there are many different courses in acting. However, it should be understood that without education it will be much more difficult to break into the cinema.

Demand and salary

Actor is a profession that is becoming more and more popular. Real professionals and craftsmen are snapped up.

New educational institutions are opening every year. More and more courses are being held in which acting skills are improved. Anyone can try themselves in the profession. In this case, age does not play a special role. For example, Harrison Ford got his first significant role at the age of 34. Before that, he worked as a carpenter.

Actors don't have a fixed salary. It all depends on the popularity of the artist himself and on the roles that he receives. Beginning actors have a hard time. They are not often rented, and they are not paid very much.

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