Who Is A Screenwriter: Description And Features Of The Profession

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Who Is A Screenwriter: Description And Features Of The Profession
Who Is A Screenwriter: Description And Features Of The Profession

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Screenwriter - a person who writes storylines for films, cartoons, games, plays, television programs, etc. The profession has appeared relatively recently, but has already become popular.

Screenwriter profession
Screenwriter profession

In most cases, the profession of screenwriter is firmly connected in our thoughts with cinema. Or, as a last resort, with the theater But in fact, a real professional in his field will find a job in almost any field.

Description of the profession

The screenwriter is not the most visible person. We usually remember directors, actors, and leading game designers. But hardly anyone will name at least 5 screenwriters. However, it is these people who play a very important role in the process of creating a spectacular product.

The scriptwriter's responsibilities include writing storylines. He must prescribe the dialogues, conditions and places in which the main events take place. The more little things he indicates, the larger and more detailed the product will ultimately turn out. Naturally, the director can later refine the script. However, the basis will remain in any case.

Screenwriter profession
Screenwriter profession

Sometimes the scripts can be written by directors, producers, actors. For example, Sylvester Stallone wrote the plot for the movie "Rocky" and then played the main role that instantly made him famous.

The profession of a screenwriter means that it is necessary to come up with a plot not only for films, but also for computer games, various events, television programs, and quests. At the present stage, this profession is quite popular, because many famous bloggers don't write scripts for their videos. They hire authors for these tasks.

Is education necessary

Do I need to study in order to succeed in the profession of a screenwriter? It will be useful. It is advisable to get an education in such specialties as journalism, drama or philology. Knowledge in these areas will not be superfluous for working with renowned directors.

However, you can start writing scripts without education. The same Sylvester Stallone was not trained in the intricacies of the profession, but he was still able to come up with the plot of the film, which later became a cult.

At the present stage, there are many courses that will help you learn screenwriting. You can search for manuals on the Internet, read ready-made scripts.

Duties of the screenwriter

  1. The author must develop an idea for films, TV shows or quests.
  2. The screenwriter must generate the necessary content. For example, tips, tasks, eyeliners, etc.
  3. The scriptwriters are responsible for writing the plot for videos and trailers.
  4. The author must write promotional articles and press releases.

Many of the responsibilities of a screenwriter will depend on where they work. Only the most basic ones have been listed above.

Who suits

  1. The profession of screenwriter is chosen mainly by creative people who are able not only to invent stories, but also to tell them.
  2. You must have a well-developed imagination. Without imagination, writing a script is unlikely to work.
  3. You need a rich vocabulary.
  4. The author must be well-read.
  5. It is necessary to have historical knowledge and scenario thinking in order to be able to connect not only different situations with each other, but also the actions of the main characters.
  6. A screenwriter must be able to work quickly.
Ilya Kulikov - famous Russian screenwriter
Ilya Kulikov - famous Russian screenwriter

It is unlikely that the profession is suitable for insecure, overly anxious, psychologically unbalanced people.

How much do screenwriters get? The level of payment depends on the size of the project. The average salary is 55 thousand. But there is no ceiling. A good screenwriter can make a lot of money.

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