Who Is Cutman? Description And Features Of The Profession

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Who Is Cutman? Description And Features Of The Profession
Who Is Cutman? Description And Features Of The Profession

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Cutman is a profession that few people know about in our country. However, it is very significant in the sports field. It implies taking care of the condition of the athlete, his preparation for the performance / fight. In many ways, the outcome of the fight depends on the professional cutman.

Cutman work
Cutman work

Who is Cutman? A professional in his field is engaged in psychological and physical preparation of a fighter for a fight and for the difficulties that he will face.

The cutman has to work mainly in combat sports. In boxing, it is forbidden to continue the fight if the boxer has some types of injuries, heavy bleeding or wounds. The cutman must make sure that the fighter fully complies with all the rules for starting / continuing the fight. He must make his ward combat-ready.

The cutman's salary depends entirely on the athlete's income. Usually it is a few percent of the fighter's fee. A real professional is able to become the main mentor for his ward.

Features of the profession

In Russia, the cutman profession has just begun to gain popularity. In fact, it has a fairly rich history. In the old years, professionals were engaged in cauterizing wounds to fighters, stopping bleeding and opening hematomas. With the development of sports and the expansion of the possibilities of medicine, cut men began to engage mainly in taping. But at the same time, it was decided to keep the name of the profession.

Cutman does his job
Cutman does his job

The duties of employees include:

  1. Treatment of injuries, medical assistance not only between rounds, but also after the end of the fight.
  2. Monitoring the progress of the battle. This is to reduce the risk of serious injury.
  3. Treatment of the skin of the ward's face before the fight.
  4. Taping not only hands, but also other parts of the body, if allowed by the regulations.

In order to professionally perform his duties, the cutman can use those medicines and drugs that are not prohibited. The employee has a rather interesting tool - an “iron”. With its help, the cutman cools wounds and reduces bleeding.

The merits of the profession

  1. Every day in Russia the profession is becoming more and more in demand. And in America it has long been popular.
  2. The knowledge required to work as a cutman can be applied to other sports fields as well.
  3. Professionals in their field receive a good salary.
  4. It is possible to travel to different cities and countries.

Disadvantages of the profession

  1. Cutman's work implies a certain responsibility for the health of his ward.
  2. The professional must maintain the utmost concentration over a long period of time.
  3. You need to be able to make the right decisions very quickly.
  4. The profession is associated with a serious psychological stress.
  5. There is no such thing as an eight hour day. The cutman has an irregular work schedule.
  6. The employee is responsible for the outcome of the fight.

What qualities should a cutman have?

  1. First of all, a profession implies knowledge in the field of medicine.
  2. Cutman should be well versed in taping. In addition, he must know the rules of the battle.
  3. A professional must always be collected, focused. Psychological stability is very important.
  4. The cutman must be able to assess the health risks of the ward during the fight. It is he who decides whether to stop the fight or continue.
  5. The employee must be able to determine the physical strength and endurance of the athlete.

Notable cutmen

  1. Jacob Durand is an accomplished American mentor. According to his idea, the film project "Boxers' Nightmare" was created. In addition to his main job, he is also a radio host.
  2. Dmitry Luchnikov is an experienced Russian cutman.He founded his own school, in which he teaches everyone the intricacies of his profession.


Cutman is an important, promising and rather difficult profession. If a person does not know how to make responsible, correct decisions in a matter of fractions of seconds, then it is better for him to choose another activity.

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