Who Is A Bartender: Description And Features Of The Profession

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Who Is A Bartender: Description And Features Of The Profession
Who Is A Bartender: Description And Features Of The Profession

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The profession of a bartender involves the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, communication with visitors. For many clients, the bartender is practically a psychologist.

Bartender profession
Bartender profession

The profession involves work at night when it comes to clubs. But the bartender is also able to find work in cafes that open in the morning. The main thing is that there is a bar counter available. At the present stage, bartenders are also engaged in the preparation of coffee.

Features of the

It is believed that the bartender profession originated in the 19th century. This event took place in American cities during the "gold rush". At that difficult time, recreation areas were opened for miners in the settlements, which later became known as bars. It was here that the bartenders worked.

The bartender is a rather interesting but peculiar profession. The employee must understand not only alcoholic beverages, but also cocktails. He must know how to create them. In addition, the bartender must be able to advertise drinks. Otherwise, they will simply not be bought.

The profession implies the presence of communication skills. If the bartender cannot get the client to talk, keep a conversation with him, then he will not last long at work either.

Obligations of the employee

Many people know who a bartender is. The profession is quite popular not only in America, but also in Russia. In addition, many films feature bartenders in one way or another. And in some projects, they are even the main characters.

What should a professional do?

  1. The main duty of the bartender is to prepare drinks. They can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  2. The employee must be able not only to prepare cocktails, but also to create new ones, to develop their own recipes.
  3. The bartender sells not only drinks, but also snacks for them.
  4. It is the employee's responsibility to keep the bar clean.
  5. A professional in his field must make calculations and be able to work with a cash register.
  6. It is the bartender who draws up applications for the supply of all the necessary drinks and components for making cocktails. Therefore, his list of responsibilities includes interaction with suppliers.
  7. The bartender must be able to communicate with people.
Bartender profession
Bartender profession

Real professionals in their field are also capable of juggling with shakers, arranging a show with fire. But even the usual preparation of cocktails is often enough to attract the attention of customers.

The merits of the profession

  1. The work is very interesting. Periodically, you have to show all your creativity in order to attract customers and earn as many tips as possible.
  2. The work will appeal to everyone who loves to communicate.
  3. You don't have to graduate to work as a bartender. It is enough to take courses
  4. There are all the necessary conditions for a decent income.
  5. Knowing how to mix drinks and juggle with shakers, you can become the hero of any party.

Disadvantages of the profession

  1. A very busy work schedule. Not every person is capable of working in such a mode.
  2. It is unlikely to suit people who do not like to communicate.
  3. You have to work with very expensive drinks. One awkward move and you can lose your salary.
  4. You have to constantly listen to stories about other people's problems.
  5. You must have a very good memory to memorize the recipes for all drinks.
  6. As a bartender, you need to have strong willpower to avoid drinking. At the same time, many clients will persuade them to drink with them.


A bartender is a rather difficult profession. It implies a serious psychological stress, which not everyone can cope with. In addition, the employee must have a sense of taste, an excellent eye and a good sense of smell. All this is necessary for the preparation of drinks.

Before getting a job as a bartender, you should think carefully, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps this profession is completely unsuitable for you.

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