How To Recover A Certificate

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How To Recover A Certificate
How To Recover A Certificate

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Documents accompany a person from the moment of his birth. The first of them is a birth certificate, later a pension certificate, a marriage certificate and others are issued. Lost papers can be restored at government agencies that are authorized to issue them.

How to recover a certificate
How to recover a certificate


Step 1

Do not be discouraged if you have lost your labor veteran certificate. The procedure for obtaining a duplicate is regulated by the Instruction on the procedure for filling out, issuing and recording certificates of a military service veteran and a labor veteran (approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of April 27, 1995, No. 423). Contact your local social welfare office. Take with you your passport, work book and photocopies of all its pages, provide a certificate of general work experience (it can be taken from the PF RF), one 3x4 photo, medals, orders, insignia, if any, as well as documents or their photocopies confirming the receipt of the titles "Honored Teacher", "Honorary Power Engineer", "High-class Specialist". Contact the archive, where you can get a certificate stating that, as a minor, you started working during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. A duplicate will be given to you within a month from the date of application.

Step 2

Contact the registry office at your place of residence if you need to restore the marriage certificate or its dissolution. Fill out an application addressed to the manager (s), indicate your personal data, the date of the legally significant fact, the reason why you are going to get a duplicate. Date and sign. You can restore the document without a partner, his passport or a photocopy of his identity card with a mark on registration or divorce is enough. Ask the institution for a form for paying the state fee in the amount of 400 rubles, you can make the calculation at any branch of the bank. Bring the receipt of payment and show it to the registry office employee. Wait, usually the procedure for issuing a new certificate takes no more than 30 minutes, when you will be called and given a new document marked "duplicate", sign in a special journal of receipt. Exactly the same procedure regarding the restoration of a birth certificate, death certificate, etc.

Step 3

Get a new title deed. Take your passport and make an appointment with the registration office of your place of residence. You can also do this through a person authorized by a notarized power of attorney. Write a statement about the loss of the original, pay the state fee. According to paragraph 33 of Article 333. 33 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, it is 200 rubles. A duplicate will be issued within 10 days.

Step 4

Contact your employer if you need to renew your social security certificate. This issue is dealt with either by the HR department or by the accounting department. The specialist will fill out the form and submit the document to the Social Protection Fund, it can be sent via the Internet. Within two weeks you will be given a copy against signature. Non-working citizens who independently pay insurance contributions will be issued a new certificate at the Social Security Fund at the place of registration as a payer of insurance contributions. Temporarily unemployed persons should apply to the Social Protection Fund at their place of residence.

Step 5

Contact the traffic police department with an application for a new driver's license, provide the employee with a passport or other identity document confirming the registration of a candidate for drivers at the place of residence, a medical certificate, prove that you have completed training, take a photo, receive a receipt for payment of the state duty (in the amount of 800 rubles). To be issued a temporary driving permit, you need to pay a state fee of 500 rubles.On the newly received driver's license, the word "duplicate" will be written in the column with special marks.

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