How To Recover A Death Certificate

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How To Recover A Death Certificate
How To Recover A Death Certificate

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A death certificate is an important document certifying the fact of either a violent or natural death of a person. Such paper is necessary when entering into inheritance rights, as well as other circumstances. However, it often happens that this document is lost.

How to recover a death certificate
How to recover a death certificate

It is necessary

telephone set, own passport and birth certificate, documents confirming the change of surname (if any), a certificate from a doctor about the causes of death


Step 1

To restore the death certificate, you need to call the district (city) registry office and find out the mode of their work, as well as the days for such statements. Do not forget to check the location of the organization.

Step 2

Decide what kind of document you need. You can be provided with a certificate or a repeated certificate of your choice, and a copy of the corresponding entry in the acts is issued only by the decision of the judge.

Step 3

A secondary document, in accordance with the relevant article of the Federal Law, can be issued to a close relative of the deceased. To confirm consanguinity, you will need to change your surname (if any). If you are not a direct relative, but, say, a grandson, then you must submit to the registry office either a power of attorney from a direct descendant, or a certificate of his death.

Step 4

Be prepared to provide a notarized copy of the doctor's report on the type of death - violent or for health reasons.

Step 5

While in another locality, you can send a request with comprehensive information with a request to send the necessary death certificate to the address of the local registry office. In this case, you should indicate the surname, full name and patronymic of the applicant, your exact address (with the correct postal code), passport data (indicating the series, number, date and issuing organization), last name, first name and patronymic for whom the death certificate should be issued and the purpose of obtaining the document. Sign the paper below with a transcript of the signature.

Step 6

Also, you will be obliged to pay the state duty for additional work of civil servants.

Step 7

To restore the death certificate, which was issued by an unknown registry office, it is enough to send a request to any district office, and they, after checking their records, will automatically send a request to the city one.

Step 8

Indicate either the registration date or the year. The employee reviews the archived data for six years (3 years before and 3 years after the date specified by the applicant).

Step 9

Please note that the books have been stored in the registry office for 75 years, after they have passed the data are sent to the regional city archive, in the 20s - 30s of the nineteenth century, the recording was carried out by the village councils, and before the revolution - by the Church. It is there that you need to look for information.

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