How To Write A Receipt For Receiving Alimony

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How To Write A Receipt For Receiving Alimony
How To Write A Receipt For Receiving Alimony

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Alimony refers to funds paid to support a disabled person. The Family Code of the Russian Federation defines a category of citizens entitled to receive alimony. These include minor children as well as disabled adult family members. In case of voluntary payment of alimony, the recipient of the funds draws up a receipt, which gives the payer the opportunity to prove the fact of payment.

How to write a receipt for receiving alimony
How to write a receipt for receiving alimony

It is necessary

  • - passport of the recipient of alimony;
  • - passport of the payer of alimony;
  • - a receipt on receipt of alimony;
  • - the payer of alimony;
  • - notary.


Step 1

The receipt is legally binding if it is correctly drawn up. Write it yourself, legibly and without corrections. In the event of a court proceeding with a handwriting examination, a competently drawn up receipt for receiving alimony will become a guarantee for his payer that he will fulfill his obligations.

Step 2

Indicate the time and place of the receipt. If necessary, this information will help the payer to prove the fact of the transfer of money. When drawing up a document and receiving funds, it will be useful to have a third person invited as a witness. In this situation, enter his details and do not forget that at the end of the receipt his signature should appear with a legible decryption of the surname.

Step 3

Write on the receipt the full passport details of both parties, both the payer and the recipient of the alimony. They must contain the number and series of the passport, the subdivision code, the date of issue of the document, exact information about who issued it, as well as the place of registration and registration.

Step 4

Indicate the amount of alimony received, first in numbers with the words "rubles" and "kopecks", and then in capital letters, enclosing it in parentheses. In the event of a difference in these data, priority will be given to the amount in words.

Step 5

In the receipt, be sure to mark the target direction of the funds received, the period of payment and specify who they are intended for, if alimony is assigned to a minor.

Step 6

Before signing and decoding the surname in the receipt of alimony, carefully check it, since the presence of any discrepancies may in the future serve as a reason for the loss of legal force of the drawn up document.

Step 7

At the request of the alimony payer, the receipt can be notarized.

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