How To Write A Receipt For A Deposit

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How To Write A Receipt For A Deposit
How To Write A Receipt For A Deposit

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The deposit is a special guarantee, a way of securing the obligations of the contract, on the basis of which the transfer of funds is made against the production of subsequent payments. The deposit carries a combination of the function of payment, certification and enforcement of the terms of the contract. The deposit agreement must be executed correctly, in writing and in compliance with certain requirements.

How to write a receipt for a deposit
How to write a receipt for a deposit

It is necessary

  • - an agreement in the execution of which money is transferred in the form of a deposit;
  • - sheets of paper, pen;
  • - passports of the parties involved;
  • - cash (the amount of the deposit) from the buyer.


Step 1

Make a deposit agreement in duplicate, one for each of the parties. The agreement can be drawn up in full handwritten, or by filling out the appropriate form. The law does not stipulate a specific form of agreement. Only its written form is envisaged.

Step 2

After the heading "Deposit Agreement", write the place and time of the agreement. Next, you designate the parties to the agreement: “Gr. (Full name), hereinafter referred to as "Buyer", on the one hand, and group (full name), hereinafter referred to as "Seller", on the other hand, have entered into this agreement: ".

Step 3

Next, indicate the subject of the agreement, i.e. what the buyer has transferred the amount and in fulfillment of what obligations of the seller. Indicate the amount as a numerical value with the obligatory writing it in words. Start the capital spelling of the deposit amount with a capital letter. Describing the seller's obligations, specify as fully as possible information on the object of sale (description of the object, address of its location, on the basis of which documents it belongs to the seller or documents giving the right to sell this object).

Step 4

Be sure to indicate that the transferred amount is included in the cost of the purchased item. And that the cost of this object can only be changed with the consent of both parties.

Step 5

Further in the section "Obligations of the parties" indicate that the buyer undertakes to purchase the object for sale from the seller within the agreed time frame, and that if the terms of the agreement are not fulfilled, depending on the guilty party, the following consequences occur: if through the fault of the buyer, the amount of the deposit remains with the seller; if through the fault of the seller, then this amount is returned to the buyer in double the amount. This arrangement is the hallmark of the deposit. Also, the person guilty of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract shall reimburse the other party for all losses incurred by it related to non-fulfillment of obligations under the deposit agreement.

Step 6

The next section is "Additional Terms". Here indicate that the agreement is made in duplicate, one for each of the parties. If there are any other additional conditions, then indicate them as well.

Step 7

Please indicate the duration of this agreement, i.e. during what time should the terms of the contract be implemented (purchase and sale of an object).

Step 8

Details of the parties: full name, passport data, registration address and signature of the buyer and the same data signed by the seller. Personal handwritten indication of this data will serve as an additional guarantee of the execution of the agreement.

Step 9

In the section “Settlements of the parties” indicate how much the buyer transferred and the seller received, and signatures: “Transferred: signature, full name; Received: signature, full name ".

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