How To Get A Duplicate Divorce

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How To Get A Duplicate Divorce
How To Get A Duplicate Divorce

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A divorce certificate is a document issued by a civil registry office that confirms the fact of termination of the marriage relationship. Like any other document, it is possible to lose it. So what to do in such cases, how to restore it or get a duplicate?

How to get a duplicate divorce
How to get a duplicate divorce


Step 1

In accordance with the Federal Law "On Acts of Civil Status", a duplicate of a divorce certificate is issued to persons in respect of whom this civil status record was drawn up, as well as to their relatives or interested persons if they provide a notarized power of attorney from a person who has the right obtain such a certificate.

Step 2

In order to obtain a duplicate of the divorce certificate, it is necessary to apply to the civil registry office with a corresponding application. In its text, indicate the last name, first name, patronymic, both your own and your ex-spouse, at the time of divorce, the date of divorce, the body in which the state registration of the dissolution was carried out. Without specifying the above information, the search for the required record of the divorce act becomes impossible.

Step 3

Submission of this application is subject to a state fee (a receipt for payment must be attached to the application). You can pay for it at any bank branch. With all the initial data and contacting the very body where the divorce took place, the search for the desired record usually does not take much time. A duplicate can be issued to you on the same day or the next day after the application. It all depends on the workload and operational work of the registry office staff. The issued certificate is a document similar to the original, only with the mark “duplicate” in its content. When issuing a duplicate, a note is made in the log book, which is certified by the signature of the applicant.

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