How To Get A Duplicate Marriage Certificate

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How To Get A Duplicate Marriage Certificate
How To Get A Duplicate Marriage Certificate
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A marriage certificate is a document that the newlyweds receive at the registry office during marriage registration. In fact, this is the couple's first family document. What to do if the certificate is lost after some time, how to restore it and get a duplicate?

How to get a duplicate marriage certificate
How to get a duplicate marriage certificate


Step 1

First, remember where you put the document the last time. Look where it might lie. If the marriage certificate is really lost, it can be restored.

Step 2

The procedure for issuing a duplicate marriage certificate is carried out in the registry office. You need to prepare passports with a marriage registration mark. Contact the worker who is issuing the documents. He will give you an application form, fill it out in the prescribed form. In the document, indicate your passport details and your spouse (s), the date of registration of your marriage, the reason for the loss of the marriage certificate, put your signature and date of completion in the lower left corner.

Step 3

An application for the issuance of a marriage certificate is filled out in the name of the head of the registry office, as indicated in the upper right corner of the form.

Step 4

In the registry office, take a receipt for the payment of the state fee. It can be paid at any branch of the bank, no commission is charged for this. The size of the state fee is two hundred rubles per person. After paying the fee, take the receipt and return to the registry office.

Step 5

Take the completed application form, receipt of payment and passports, yours and your spouse. Give the documents to the registry office employee and wait a few minutes. Usually, the procedure for issuing a copy of a marriage certificate takes no more than thirty minutes.

Step 6

Wait in the hallway. After the allotted time you will be called and given a copy of the marriage certificate marked "duplicate". You also need to put your signature in a special register for the issuance of documents and their duplicates opposite your surname.

Step 7

Remember that a duplicate is issued only to those persons for whom a deed entry was previously drawn up. In addition, only one of the spouses can apply for a copy of the marriage certificate. The presence of the second is not necessary, the main thing is that you know the passport details of your husband or wife.

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