How To Get A Duplicate Certificate

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How To Get A Duplicate Certificate
How To Get A Duplicate Certificate

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Your company's documents, like everything else in the world, are not eternal, they can become dilapidated or simply lost, especially if you created a business many years ago. However, the law prescribes that you always have a certain package of documents, and during an important transaction you cannot do without them. Let's consider ways to get duplicate documents.

How to get a duplicate certificate
How to get a duplicate certificate


Step 1

If you do not want to contact government agencies personally, or if there is no time for this, if you lose the documents of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, you can always contact a specialized company that will help you solve these problems. As a rule, the services of such firms are not very expensive. All you need is to provide the company with the name of your organization, the passport data of the director of the organization or your passport data, if you are an individual entrepreneur, the series and number of the lost certificates (if we are talking specifically about certificates, and not about the charter, for example), perhaps some other data - depending on whether a duplicate or a copy of which document you need to receive. The firm's employees will pay the proper government fee and receive the documents for you.

Step 2

You can get duplicate certificates and copies of constituent documents of a legal entity and independently. To do this, you need to apply to the registration authority (in Moscow this is the 46th tax inspectorate) with an application for a duplicate of the required document and pay a state fee. The main difficulty of this procedure is that the head of the legal entity (director) must independently appear at the registration authority, which is not always possible.

Step 3

State fees for the issuance of duplicate certificates of state registration and tax registration, as well as copies of constituent documents (charters) is 400 rubles. For an individual entrepreneur, the fee is less - only 80 rubles. When personally obtaining duplicate certificates or copies of constituent documents, you should take into account that a visit to the tax office is a rather long and unpredictable procedure, so it is better to do it as early as possible so as not to waste time when it is especially dear to you and important for your business.

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