How To Register At The Employment Center

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How To Register At The Employment Center
How To Register At The Employment Center

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If you want to receive unemployment benefits and other social benefits due to this status, or proof of income for calculating subsidies for housing and communal services, you will have to register at the employment center. To officially recognize you as unemployed, the employees of this organization must see a package of supporting documents.

How to register at the employment center
How to register at the employment center

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - work book with a note of dismissal;
  • - certificate of salary from the last place of work in the form of an employment center;
  • - certificate of termination of business or liquidation of the company where you were the founder (if applicable);
  • - education document;
  • - birth certificates of children (if any).


Step 1

As a rule, you have all the necessary documents in your possession. The exception is a salary certificate. A certificate on the 2NDFL form, which you may be given upon dismissal, is not suitable in this case.

It is best to contact the employment center with all the available documents (first of all, a passport and work book) and get a form there, which is then taken to the accounting department and delivered to the center as soon as it is ready, along with other documents. You will not need this certificate if you have never worked or were fired more than a year ago.

If there is no work book and there was no one, tell the employees of the employment center about it. In this case, a passport and a diploma or certificate are sufficient (depending on the level of education available).

Step 2

After examining your documents and making sure that you have the right to register, the employees of the employment center will offer you to fill out a questionnaire.

In it, pay special attention to the requirements for the desired job (profession, position, level of payment) and the assistance that you would like to receive.

It makes no sense to indicate, for example, a managerial position in the absence of relevant experience. But it is also not necessary to be overly modest: for refusing a vacancy that is deemed suitable for you, you may be deprived of benefits.

Among the services of the employment center, indicate only those that you really want to use. If there are no suitable vacancies, they will start offering everything that you have noted.

Step 3

Upon completion of all formalities, you will be assigned the day of your first appearance at the center. You will also need to bring a passbook to which your benefits will be paid. Depending on the situation, it can be opened at the branch closest to you or in one of the limited list, which will be announced to you at the employment center.

You can not appear at the employment center at the appointed time only if you have a sick leave or a document confirming another good reason. Otherwise, problems will arise up to the withdrawal of benefits.

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