How To Get Into Alternative Civilian Service

How To Get Into Alternative Civilian Service
How To Get Into Alternative Civilian Service

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Alternative Civil Service (ACS) is work for public benefit. It can be chosen by every young man of military age instead of serving in the army. For example, become a postman, janitor or orderly in a hospital.

How to get into alternative civilian service
How to get into alternative civilian service

The right, the existence of which only a few people in our country know, is enshrined in part 3 of Article 59 of the Constitution of Russia, and the legal relationship in this area is regulated by the federal law "On Alternative Civil Service" No. 113.

Often in society, one can come across such a stereotype that only a representative of a sect or a priest of a monastery can get into the ACS. The corresponding federal law indicates two reasons when this constitutional right can be exercised:

1) the young man has convictions that are contrary to military service or his faith does not allow him to take up arms (for example, you consider yourself a pacifist);

2) the conscript belongs to the indigenous small people of Russia, that is, you live in the territory of your ancestors and leads a traditional economy.

AGS term

The term of alternative civilian service, as opposed to urgent, is 21 months. However, if a young man is sent to an organization related to the armed forces, the term will be reduced to 18 months.

Once at the AGS, you can study by correspondence at any of the universities in the country. In this case, additional leave is granted. However, the duration of the session is not included in the total duration of the alternative service. While the young man is taking exams and tests, the term of the AGS is "frozen", and continues after returning to his labor duties. A similar rule applies to absenteeism.

Where to apply

The application is written in free form. In it, the conscript indicates the reasons why he asks to replace conscript service with an AGS. The application also includes an autobiography and characteristics from the place of work or study.

After all the documents are ready, they must be brought in person or sent by registered mail to the military registration and enlistment office in which you are registered. Federal law indicates that the application is submitted no later than six months before the start of the call.

What to do if you missed the deadline for submitting an application

Imagine a situation when a young man learned about his constitutional right a few days before being drafted, or his convictions were formed only a month before serving in the army.

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation explained that the deadlines for filing an application are set only for the military enlistment office in order to create a certain order. In order for your application to be accepted and considered at a meeting of the draft board, you must refer to this court ruling. In other words, you can apply for ACS at any time.

Alternative service location

The conscript's application is considered by a commission at the military registration and enlistment office, at a meeting of which they are summoned. After receiving a positive decision, the young man is sent for a medical examination, which takes place only at the next call. This was done so that the military registration and enlistment office had time to collect all the necessary documents, and the Ministry of Labor provided jobs.

The conscript cannot choose the place of the ACS. A young man can even be sent to another region, but this is extremely rare.

After completing the alternative service, a regular military ID is issued. It is no different from those that are received by the guys who have served, only the record of the place of service will be in a different field.

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