How To Get Into The FSB Special Forces

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How To Get Into The FSB Special Forces
How To Get Into The FSB Special Forces
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If your dream is to serve in special forces, be prepared to go through a tough selection. The candidate is required to have almost ideal characteristics, physical and moral condition. You are ready?

How to get into the FSB special forces
How to get into the FSB special forces


Step 1

Primary selection. Preference is given to candidates nominated by officers, warrant officers and cadets of military schools. 97% of positions in the special forces are officer and only 3% are intended for warrant officers. Therefore, in order to have a real opportunity to get into special forces, you need to be an officer or at least a warrant officer. During the initial selection, attention is also paid to the education of the candidate. It will be easier to get into special forces if you have a higher education.

Step 2

Getting a recommendation. To apply for a job in the special forces, you need to get a recommendation from a current employee of the CSN, as well as from Alpha or Vympel.

Step 3

Physical testing. When selecting candidates, special attention is paid to their physical data. The standards are as follows: height from 175 cm, age no more than 28 years. Physical testing for employees of different departments differs in different intensity, but, in any case, it takes place in two stages. The first stage: passing the standards for physical training. Second stage: hand-to-hand fighting sparring.

Step 4

A special check is carried out at the level of the next of kin.

Step 5

Psychological examination. For candidates who have passed the previous stages of selection, an examination is carried out by a psychologist. Thanks to special tests, the personality traits of the candidate, his character, temperament, moral qualities and other individual characteristics are revealed.

Step 6

Complete medical examination. As a result of a deep examination, the possibility of admission to airborne training is checked.

Step 7

Mandatory polygraph test. The main task of this stage of selection is to identify "dark spots" in the biography, something about which the candidate deliberately leaves out. Therefore, be ready to answer questions about your addiction to alcohol, drugs and other bad habits, connections with the underworld, antisocial inclinations, corrupt motives, etc.

Step 8

Interview with relatives. Based on the results of the interview, the relatives must give written consent to enroll the candidate in special forces.

Step 9

Applicants who have successfully passed all stages of selection are enrolled.

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