How To Get Into The Marines

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How To Get Into The Marines
How To Get Into The Marines
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The Marine Corps, one of the elite units of the Russian troops, appeared in our country in the 17th century. She has triumphant victories in the most iconic wars, ranging from the Northern with the Swedes, the Patriotic with Napoleon, and so on.

Many recruits dream of becoming marines, but in reality, not everyone succeeds. The naval forces have very strict selection criteria based primarily on the impeccable health of candidates. However, if you have good physical data, it is worth trying to get into the elite unit. Moreover, assertiveness and decisiveness are held in high esteem among the Marines.

How to get into the Marines
How to get into the Marines


Step 1

If you decide to become a Marine, contact the military registration and enlistment office at your place of residence and find out what your chances are, and when the timing of the call to the Marine Corps will come up. Please note that the first thing the commission will look at is your medical record. Enrollment in the Marine Corps requires the candidate to be in perfect health, with an A-1 or, in extreme cases, A-2.

Step 2

After you are enrolled in the Navy command, you will need to show yourself at the transfer, where the military marines select suitable recruits. Demonstrate your excellent physical shape more often, do not hesitate to approach the officers and tell them that you dream of serving in the Marine Corps.

Step 3

The decisive factor in the selection of candidates for the Marines is the test of physical abilities. Do not be lazy to go through it in advance at home, and, in case of failure, practice. Full, up to extended arms, push-ups on the uneven bars, pull-ups on the bar, push-ups from the floor, jumping from a place - all these exercises should be performed by a Marine with at least intermediate, but not with initial, training.

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