How To Get Into The Creative Environment

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How To Get Into The Creative Environment
How To Get Into The Creative Environment

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The creative environment is interesting not only for people of creative professions, but also for everyone who is interested in developing and expressing oneself in creative fields. It is not difficult to find where representatives of creativity gather, from the whole variety of creative gatherings you only need to choose the right place.

Creative environment
Creative environment


Step 1

If you want to get into a creative environment, first you need to decide on the direction of creativity that is most important for you. What is it: literature, theater, painting, design, are you attracted by architecture or music? Decide not only on the direction of creativity, but also on the narrower genres that you want to get acquainted with or work with.

Step 2

Next, answer yourself the question, in what role do you want to play in this creative environment, what kind of people to see next to you. They should be followers of creativity, fans or performers, creators of works of art, literature and music. In a multidimensional cultural environment, it is very important to find both your place and your people who are closer to you in spirit, hobbies, who can give you more than everyone else.

Step 3

Depending on your role and the people you want in this creative environment, you can already find your preferences. If you are a fan of a particular direction, you can attend evenings that are dedicated to your idol or genre in the world of culture. This is the surest way to meet the same followers and fans as you, and besides, with the idol himself. Creative personalities often organize such evenings, especially those of them who are not yet very famous and are not burdened with constant tours or interviews.

Step 4

You should also meet creative people on the Internet. In social networks or on forums, you can now find not only individual groups and topics dedicated to a particular performer, musician or writer, but also sections in which creative people of the same direction gather - lovers of literature, poetry, painting. In such topics, you can communicate and express your opinion about your favorite works. In addition, such groups inform their adherents about events in the world of creativity: exhibitions, evenings, meetings, and even such discussions themselves among regular readers often flow into real meetings.

Step 5

Be sure to attend events from the world of culture, about which you find information on social networks or news. At exhibitions, evenings, meetings, film screenings and fairs, you can meet representatives of creative directions that are of interest to you. And by making friends with them, you can even attend more private events for a narrow circle of people. This will be especially useful for those who are just starting their career in creativity, but want to become famous in these circles.

Step 6

Good opportunities for creative meetings and work with people of different directions are provided by anti-cafes and coworking spaces that are now popular. Coworking is a space for people of the same direction to work together, to transfer experience to younger colleagues, to discuss and work on large projects. In anti-cafe, gatherings and evenings of a very different direction of culture are often held.

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